This Maltese Recruitment Agency Has Doubled In Size And They’re Re-Branding to Celebrate

New look, new cause for celebration

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Recruitment agency Konnekt is breaking into a fresh new year. Quite literally. To celebrate their massive expansion, the company has rolled out a brand new image and contemporary design as they take on 2018 in full force. 

Konnekt HR Manager Laura Zahra gave us the rundown on what it means to be a Konnekt recruitment specialist. 

Eleven years on...

Konnekt launched in 2007, and has established itself as one of Malta's leading recruitment agencies. Now eleven years into its role as prime recruiter guru, the company has grown significantly. "We more than doubled in size since 2013, and with all these changes, so did [the roles] of the whole team."

Laura Zahra, a social worker by profession, told us about what it means to be an active member of the team after so long. "I always aspired to have a job that in some way would impact and add value to people’s lives. I can honestly say I have found my niche working as a recruitment specialist with Konnekt."

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The answer to your Sunday slump

Getting out of bed shouldn't be a dreary affair, and if you look to each new day with a heavy heart, odds are you've wound up in the wrong job. "I had a close friend of mine who worked with Konnekt and I was always very intrigued by her positive mood on a Sunday evening, and her eagerness for Monday to arrive and get back to the office," Laura said. "I honestly wondered what was happening in that little Konnekt office! [...] I did some research on Konnekt and recruitment as a career, and confirmed that that was what I wanted in life."

What a new facelift means

"Konnekt grew into what it is today thanks to the efforts of its passionate team members, and the candidates and companies it has brought together since then," Laura told us. 

"Konnekt is proud to launch an updated branding in line with the developments of the time and the company's journey. The [image] is the externalisation of the company's decade-long internal process of growth."

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Ready to leap into a new job?

The Konnekt family are looking for highly motivated team-players ready to jump into a satisfying and rewarding environment. If you're prepared to take the plunge and dip your toes in the job-finding world, then head over to the Konnekt website and check in with their recruitment team. 

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