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We all know that the Maltese like their festi to be quite... vibrant. So vibrant in fact, that they have a strong reputation up in heaven amongst the saints. At least, that's what Teatru Manoel's new play 'Festa Tal-Qaddisin' tells us.

The play's main protagonist San Krispin has heard so many great things about how the Maltese celebrate his feast, that he begs San Pietru to let him down to earth to experience it in person. Pietru tries to convince him that the celebrations are not as wholesome as they seem, but Krispin is adamant.


San Pietru gives in and allows him to head on down to Malta. As soon as Krispin arrives, he is delighted to be met by colourful flags and beautifully ornate statues created in his honour. He hears some beautiful music as the local banda approaches, and he imagines what wonderfully religious lyrics must be accompanying the music. But his dreams are crushed as they get closer and he manages to make out exactly what they are saying. Intoxicated festa-goers march beside the banda as they insult the competing każin and their saint; San Katald.


San Katald is Krispin's best friend up in heaven, so he gets very upset hearing his own followers insulting his best friend. Kripsin tries to speak to his followers and explain to them that he is not happy with how they are celebrating his feast.

Do the Maltese accept what this man tells them? Do they accept him as their saint, or dismiss him as a scam?

Festa Tal-Qaddisin is on this weekend at the Manoel Theatre

Written by Joe Julian Farrugia and directed by Mario Micallef, this play in the Maltese language promises to be both entertaining and relatable to the Maltese audience. Showing from Friday 9th November to Sunday 11th November, 'Festa Tal-Qaddisin' is a show that any festa-fan cannot miss!

Tickets can be bought from Teatru Manoel’s website You can also book by sending an email on [email protected], or calling on 21246389.

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