This New Shop In Qormi Has The Perfect Gift For Any Valentine

Literally. Any Valentine.

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Valentine's Day is just over a week away and, yes - that's really not far off at all. We've got you covered though: from the traditional to the outright creative Valentine gift that are all available at the new Sunlab store in Qormi. Put a twist on every retailer's dream holiday with a gift for literally anyone in the family, and you could win a €100 voucher!

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1. Dodging the dad present minefield

Let's face it, fathers are the worst people to buy gifts for. You never know what they want, if they like it, and odds are you're still mulling over whether they loved their Christmas gift. Throw a watch in there, and warn them this covers their birthday, and Christmas gifts. 


2. Mother's Day 2.0

Because you all know Mother's Day will creep up on you faster than you can scream someone-buy-the-flowers. Use Valentine's Day as a step-in (or a warm up if you're thoughtful AF) with some awesome jewellery. 


3. Give your Nanna some well-deserved love

Deep down, you know you should be visiting your Nanna way more often. And you even get free meals when you're there so what's the hold up? Bling up your grandma and remember to compliment her cooking after your sixth helping of timpana. 


4. Same goes for your Nannu

You might not get killer meals with your Nannu, but at least he always has some OG dad joke to get you through your visit. Say thank you with a fancy wallet to guarantee you the title of favourite neputi/ja


5. Don't forget your siblings

Yes, you read correctly. Buy a Valentine gift for your brother or sister. In the most non-Game of Thrones-esque way possible. Odds are your may or may not have forgotten their birthday gift or got them a makeshift present at the last minute. Make it up to them now, and remind them you're an awesome sibling. At least until their birthday comes around again. 

Lj685 Sr 001 €173

6. Prove to your boyfriend you're the better gift-giver

Gift giving isn't really a competition. Except it totally is and anyone who tells you otherwise is a horrible gift giver. Get him a gift you know he'll totally love and then he'll have to get you an awesome one the next time around. 

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7. And the same can be said for girlfriends

Time to bring your A-game - a competition is a competition. Show them you can totally rule at the game with a kickass watch or two. 


8. Buy stuff for your friends

Friends. Because in keeping with your resolute determination to stick to free Spotify, you're afraid of commitment. No girlfriend. No boyfriend. Just friends. Sure, it means more presents in the long run, but #singleandnotreadytomingle?

Ckj505 S 256 €144

9. Treat yourself

Nothing like some me-myself-and-I with a glass of wine and a tub of Häagen-Dazs to get you through Valentine's Day. And if that means splurging a little, then by all means go for it. 

Es4202 Set

The best part? You could win back a sweet €100 Sunlab voucher to help you snap up some of these sweet gifts! Just scroll to the bottom to find out how. 

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Tag your Valentine to be in the running for a €100 Sunlab voucher

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