This Restaurant In Valletta Is Reinventing Te fit-Tazza

It's old school Mediterranean meets modern yaaaaaaas


Valletta's been changing a lot in the last few years and you can't deny there's been an uptick in restaurant chatter in our nation's capital. Which is why when an eatery with a modern take on te fit-tazza lands smack-dab in Republic Street, we're all over it like families at a festa doughnut stand. 

Briangrech Noni 5804

'Te fit-tazza' black tea with condensed milk mousse, lemon ricotta, and lemon froth

Stroll past the busy Valletta centre and take off down to the end of Republic Street where you will find Noni tucked away between the capital's quaint townhouses. Sprouting up on the site of a former bakery and confectioner's, Noni harks back to the times of Valletta's mid-century heyday. 

Briangrech Noni

Despite the extravagant makeover the restaurant has received, you can still spot architectural features that lend to Noni's historical charm. Stone vaulted ceilings, cast iron doors and windows, and a functioning century-old oven are just some of Noni's traces to its bakery past. 

Briangrech Noni 5907
Briangrech Noni 5972

Noni's promise is all about marrying old with new, taking and respecting the flavour and crisp seasonings that mark every Mediterranean dish and translating them to a match a more modern palate. 

Briangrech Noni 5685

Seared bavette of beef, confit tomatoes, garlic and parsley purée and beef broth

Briangrech Noni 5545

Slow cooked octopus tagine, Israeli couscous and marjoram oil

The menu is every foodies Mediterranean dream and packs a hefty mouthful at every stage of your lunch or dinner. With dishes like braised beef croquettes, oak-smoked pork cutlet, slow-cooked octopus tagine, we're banking on a Republic Street surge in no time. 

Briangrech Noni 5526

Côte de bœuf, 48-day-aged corn-fed ribeye on the bone, triple cooked chips and béarnaise sauce

Briangrech Noni 5692

Whichever way you slice it, Noni's isolated niche at the tail-end of Republic Street has us thinking of the next chill but unique hangout spot, that has all the feel of Mediterranean chic without the stress of fine dining. Sign us up for a dish ASAP, and tag us in your Instagram shots while you're at it. 

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