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This Sliema Fashion Store Is Giving Away €5,000 Worth Of Vouchers This Black Friday

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Are you sitting down comfortably? If not, you may want to because I have some pretty good NOOS to share.

We all know that companies offer discounts on Black Friday. Some are stingy AF (why even bother) and some are great. In the great category this year is Sliema’s NOOS.

Not only is this fashion store offering a 25% discount on all purchases this Friday, but they’re also making it rain with free gift vouchers of €30, €40 or €50 for some lucky customers.

Imagine this: You’re about to pay for your items, then all of a sudden out of nowhere, you’re randomly selected to receive a gift voucher for literally no reason at all.

Winners will be able to redeem the voucher any time up until Christmas Eve.

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For those not in the know, NOOS offers a holistic shopping experience right in the heart of Sliema.

There’s something for everyone; male, female, kids… even Karen from HR who you got stuck with for Secret Santa.

1. Ladies

Screenshot 2018 11 20 At 17 37 43

2. Lads

Screen Shot 2018 11 21 At 10 08 33

3. Kids

Screenshot 2018 11 20 At 17 37 26

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