5 Times You Wish You Could Wipe Your Day In Malta Clean

Because there's bound to be a situation without an escape

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We've said it before and we'll say it again – Malta's size can be a problem. Everyone who lives here has experienced moments that they wish we could wipe away and do over. Mainly because it's impossible to live them down. Not when we're only connected by – realistically – three degrees of separation. 

It's safe to say we've all wished for a magic life-wipe that could get rid of the following moments.

1. Bumping into someone you've been avoiding

Example: your old school friend who's been hounding you to reply to that girls' night/boys' ħarġa WhatsApp thread. #YouCanGhostButYouCantHide

2. Drunk dialling someone you're inevitably going to meet tomorrow

The only way to escape this shame is via emigration.

3. Deciding you need to go shopping at rush hour

And then wishing your parents had never met, you'd never been conceived, and you were never brought into a world where Maltese traffic exists.

4. You binge on pastizzi and eat 7 in one sitting 

They taste so good, but the guilt is real.

5. Meeting your ex with their new person


Well, even though the world hasn't yet created a time machine that will wipe away all those Malta-specific awkward moments, at least it has given us the next best thing – NIVEA's 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes. Part of the NIVEA  range, for those who love to cleanse their face with a cotton pad – a NIVEA cat.

You might not be able to erase your actions for real, but you'll feel so fresh you probably won't even care anymore.

No more regrets

NIVEA's 3-in-1 Cleansing Wipes will not only eliminate all the grime of your Maltese day, they'll even remove make-up and mascara. These wipes will cleanse thoroughly whilst leaving your skin soft and smooth. And they won't be harsh on your delicate lashes either – you're going to need those to be strong and intact for when you're crying your eyes out later.

Your skin will feel more cleansed, moisturised and refreshed, than ever after using these wipes – making you look healthy and beautiful, if slightly embarrassed. The wipes contain vitamin E, are especially mild to the skin, and have more NIVEA moisture in them than ever before.

Instant do-over

No matter where you are, in whatever uncomfortable situation, with as many people you don't want to be surrounded with – you can still wipe yourself clean with NIVEA's new wipes instantly. They work with everyone's skin, with different packs for normal/combination skin, dry/sensitive skin, and all other types. 

There's literally nothing stopping anyone from wiping themselves clean – well, at least their faces. #anytimeanyplaceanywhere

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