TONIGHT: You Could Win €690,000 With This New Maltese Jackpot

From the people who brought you the iconic Super 5, comes one massive weekend draw


Achieving your goals takes a whole lot of hard work and determination, but getting a lucky boost can always really help push you even closer. And if you've been looking for the ultimate boost, Malta's latest lottery promises to do just that.

Every Maltese person knows of the Super 5, a weekly local lottery which has captured the imagination of tens of thousands of islanders countless times before. The jackpot has helped so many people in the process of achieving their goals, and now, the people behind it are bringing a new - and even bigger - jackpot to Malta.

Maltco's SUPERSTAR is currently sitting at a €690,000 jackpot tonight!

SUPERSTAR is the latest lottery to take the island by storm, and its local roots brings back the good old Maltese dream and puts in the centre of the game. With attractive multiple jackpots every week, this is definitely something to keep an eye out if you want to get closer to finally achieving that lifelong dream.

Check out the official website to keep up to date with lottery draws and join the excitement!

If that insane jackpot somehow didn't tickle your fancy enough to have you rushing to buy a ticket, here are seven reasons why you need to play SUPERSTAR tonight.

1. It's an easy and entertaining lottery game

Sometimes, it's tough to even wrap your head around what you need to do to actually be in with a chance of winning a lottery, but that's definitely not the case with SUPERSTAR.

All you need to do is choose at least five numbers from 1 to 35, and at least one SUPERSTAR number from 1 to 7. Apart from really being that easy, the new game is also available from around 240 Maltco outlets around Malta and Gozo.

2. Multiple jackpots every single week

If a winner isn't found in any winning category, then the corresponding prize fund is transferred to the same category of the new draw.

3. Odds are specifically tailored for the Maltese population

Unlike international lotteries that make it to our shores through virtual portals, SUPERSTAR has been designed to tailor for the local market size.

That means there's no issues with scaling and you know that you're playing a lottery that was literally designed with people like you in mind!

4. You've got seven chances of winning

SUPERSTAR offers seven winning categories, irrespective of the sequence of the numbers drawn.

More chances to win big? Yes please!

5. The draws are secure and reliable

The SUPERSTAR draw is held in the presence of Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a public notary and members of the public, in the dedicated ISO certified Live Draw Studio. The lottery uses draw machines of the latest technology and conforming to the highest quality and security standards of the international lottery industry.

6. It's the perfect way to kick off the weekend

The draw is broadcasted live on TVM on a Friday night, and the next one is happening tonight at 7:45pm.

Talk about kicking the weekend off with a high!

7. You might get to tick off something big from your bucket list

Winning over half a million Euro in a lottery is definitely something that many people would love to tick off their bucket list, so it's time to get playing!

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