Trendy And Affordable: International Fashion Brand Lands In Malta Just In Time For Christmas

New year, new me, new wardrobe

Pink Woman Malta

Come December, when the weather in Malta changes (read: it gets 5 degrees colder), we tend to start going through our wardrobe and chucking out our old sweaters and leggings with holes in them. Partially because we want to cleanse our lives from things we don’t need, but also because we want to buy ourselves a brand new wardrobe in time for the new year.

Well, for those of you looking to restock their wardrobe this Christmas - or, you know, buy some gifts for people who aren’t you - Pink Woman is here to help.

The international fashion brand has just landed in Malta and is open at Daniel’s Shopping Complex in Ħamrun.

Stocking everything from comfy sweaters to the most beautifully boujie trench coats, you could very literally build a brand new wardrobe from one place.

pink woman
pink woman 2

Their prices are super affordable, and the secret behind that is 100% awesome

Pink Woman has a sale section that is stocked and on sale all year round, so you can get your fashion fix while saving your dough.

Pink Woman 1

Pink Woman receives new stock every single week

And you know what that means? You're absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to fashion on a budget.

They also have their own line of bags, shoes and accessories to make sure you get that complete Pink Woman look.

pink woman 3

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