Two Of Malta’s Coolest Gourmet Eatries Are Merging Into One Badass Venue

They're calling it 'IMAGINE'

Badass Elpcover

Badass Burgers and Electro Lobster Project are synonymous with both game changing food and awesome hangout spaces. The two have each had a jam-packed 2017 what with a massive takeover and renovation at Razzett l-Aħmar, hosting a Service Dogs Training Programme, the rise of Badass Pizza, and even delving into the world of organic produce. 

Now with their sights firmly set on 2018, the two establishments are embracing their ethos 'make people happy'' and bringing their next major project to the table: IMAGINE. 

It's all about a major revamp in St. Julian's this year - combining the chic Electro Lobster brand with the edge of Badass Burgers, IMAGINE is expected to cater to a whole new audience. 

Look out for new pasta and meat dishes, imaginative new cocktails and even more clubbing events that make Electro Lobster the signature Balluta hangout it is today. 


In keeping with their reimagined image, the venue plans to appeal to all dietary requirements including gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan dishes, that promise to bring even the staunchest of meat-eaters back for more.

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The Electro Lobster Project in Balluta Bay will be undergoing some kicker renovations in the upcoming months covering everything from menus to the overall feel of the new venue. Don't panic though, the Electro Lobster nightclub will still be open as usual to cater to your every clubbing need until the big opening!

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