WATCH: Drone Footage Over Sliema Gives You The Lowdown On Malta's Shopping Hub

House hunters take note...

Take to the skies and glance over Sliema like you've never seen it before. The hustle and bustle of Malta's OG commercial hub can certainly be overwhelming at times but there's more to the town than meets the eye. 

RE/MAX once again have released amazing drone footage, this time tackling Sliema's lesser known tidbits that will surely pique the interest of house hunters and Slimiżi alike. 

Screen Shot 2018 02 01 At 13 04 29
Screen Shot 2018 02 01 At 13 03 23
Screen Shot 2018 02 01 At 13 02 50
Screen Shot 2018 02 01 At 13 03 46

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