WATCH: Public Spaces In St.Paul's Bay Given A Good Scrub With This New Government Initiative

Green and clean

Why would anyone be OK with littering? Well, it beats us, but one initiative is making sure that Malta's public spaces get the proper scrub they've needed and deserved.

Thanks to the Cleansing and Maintenance Division (CMD)'s programme BLITZ, a formal agreement was reached with the St. Paul’s Local Council to provide cleaner public spaces for everyone. Night time street washing, public toilet power washing and daily street sweeping from Monday to Friday were the order of the day making sure the northeastern seaside towns Qawra, Bugibba, Xemxija and St.Paul’s Bay were kept clean during the busy summer months.

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Blitzes are normally not something to celebrate, but in this case, we couldn't be happier about the Blitz hitting this locality.

The programme, which was the first MOU signed between the CMD and the St. Paul's Bay Local Council, included a number of incredible initiatives, like additional waste collection on weekdays, washing of streets, squares and bus stations, washing of litter bins and street furniture, and grass cutting in residential areas.

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Parl. Sec Deo Debattista during the signing of the MOU

All in all, there's was a whopping 500 hours of enforcement on the area. Through the Blitz the Cleansing and Maintenance Division managed to assist the St. Paul’s Bay Local Council with the high influx of tourists in the area during the summer months, but also provide the Maltese locals with a much cleaner and safer environment.

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How awesome is this initiative? Tag someone who lives in the St. Paul's Bay area and share this post if you think more Local Councils need to get The Blitz treatment!

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