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We Didn’t Know We Wanted A Meat Box In A Maltese Club, But We’re So Glad It Exists

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When at the club: first you eat, then you dance. Regular clubbing is so 2017 anyway. 

Meet TRUTH, the club that’s about to make all your finger-licking dreams come true. Poised on the corner of Ball Street and Wilga Street at the edge of Paceville, TRUTH has been steadily climbing through the clubbing scene as the new sophisticated alternative to your regular Saturday night out. But the best part is, that barely scratches the surface. 

Day to night, TRUTH has it all as it transforms from lavish eatery into kick-ass nightclub. Whether you’re looking for a quick catch-up with your mates, an after-work drinks session, a brilliant night out or simply a new place to grab a bite to eat – we may just have found your next Paceville regular. 

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Of course, the main reason this place is mind-boggledly changing it up is the Meat Box. Meat lovers everywhere, brace yourselves for a new and improved take on everything from wining and dining to partying.  

Their in-house butchers display the cuts of the day in a specially temperature-controlled room dubbed ‘The Meat Box’ by TRUTH staffers. Dance away and enjoy prime cuts from all around the world including Argentina, Ireland, Japan and the US. 

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If meat cuts aren’t quite up your alley, you can still enjoy TRUTH’s array of pasta dishes, gourmet burgers and homemade desserts, or chill with a drink in hand prepared by resident mixologists. Alternatively, check the place out on a Sunday afternoon for TRUTH Sundays, where you can enjoy a slew of resident DJ sets and the promise of good company.

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