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This Week’s EuroMillions Jackpot Is The Biggest Ever, A Whopping €190,000,000

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The massive EuroMillions lottery draw has been gradually increasing over the last couple of weeks, and now, it’s just hit the maximum amount!

Thanks to Jackpot.com, Maltese people can now participate in the EuroMillions draw, and bet on the potential prize that started off at an impressive €130,000,000. After FIVE rollovers, the number has gone up by a whopping sixty million!

Are you ready for this? Well, you might think you are, but you’re not.

The big prize this week is €190,000,000.

We repeat. One hundred. And ninety. Million.

If you thought €130,000,000 was an insanely huge number, try increasing that by the price of three huge mansions. 

And yes, that is the maximum EuroMillions jackpot, and the biggest one ever. The lottery doesn’t often reach this insane number, so this is it. And now, Maltese people can officially bet on EuroMillions at Jackpot.com for the chance to win this huge amount of money.

So – how do you get in on all this potential cash?

Like everything that makes sense in life – it takes three easy steps:

Step 1. Make an account with Jackpot.com.

Step 2. Choose your magic lottery numbers online.

Step 3. Wait to see if you’re one of the lucky ones, and then have your money sent to you. #Shweet

Jackpot.com is regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. They offer 18 of the best worldwide lotteries, along with a lot of scratch games. 

At Jackpot.com, Maltese people can access the biggest worldwide lotteries with the biggest jackpots, and they can play anywhere at anytime. Discounts on some subscriptions, including EuroMillions, are still being offered as we speak.

Why do it online?

The advantage of betting with Jackpot.com – which is licensed by The Malta Gaming Authority, so totally legit – is that you can try your luck anywhere and anytime. You can even check exactly what your odds of winning are, and what combination of matching numbers get you what percentage of the pot. 

Players can subscribe to EuroMillions while on the site, so you’ll never miss a draw. 

Good luck, and don’t forget about where you read the information when you’re rolling in it.

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