We've Turned The GO Ad Into 4 Amazingly Relatable GIFs That Every Maltese Person Needs

We all need clapping Stella Cini in our lives

Go 10 Gb

You're not going to get very far in life if you don't learn how to laugh at yourself. Local telecom company GO have definitely mastered the art at laughing at yourself with their latest self-referential ad.

Their popular 'databoom' advert, as well as their 'hey youth' billboards, were definitely at the centre of some online mockery amongst the youths of Malta. But GO shows what absolute sports they are by turning the mockery into a new advert, featuring a host of our favourite internet stars, including the legendary potato man.

The ad is full of some relatable AF moments, and we've turned them into gifs for your usage

1. Stella Cini clapping for when someone finally gets it

We all have that one friend who takes a little longer to get it. The one member of the group who is always the last to you know, get the hint or the joke, but we love them anyway.

2. Chucky *z snapping* for when you're feeling feisty

Or when someone tries to skip you in the queue at McDonald's. No ma'am.

3. Sarah Zerafa looking absolutely shook for when you just can't even

"What do you mean you're not going up to Gozo for carnival?!"

4. Potato man, being potato man, for when, erm...

For when you want to express your love for the island's largest export?

Or for when you want to tell your friends about how potato you got yesterday.

The ad is promoting their latest 10GB offer

They're offering 10GB of data for just €1 everyday, less than the price of a Wudy sausage roll from Maxims. It's practically impossible to consume 10GB in one day, so you don't need to worry about ever running out of data.

The plan is powered by Malta’s certified fastest network, 4.5G, that has nationwide coverage. You can apply for this bundle via the GO app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

If this bundle doesn't sound like the one for you, but you're still looking to save some moolah, you can check out more of their plans starting from just €5 over here.

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