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What Would You Do With A Million Euros In Malta?

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Ahead of the release of their multimillion jackpot extravaganza, YoMillions, YoBetIt would like to hear from you, the Maltese people: what would you do with a million euros, or more…?

1. An indefinite around-the-world trip

Quit your job, pack your backs, and begin booking the barrage of one-way tickets to every place you can think of. 

2. Buy a fancy-ass yacht

And then quickly remember you have no idea how to sail. Oh, and that you suffer from horrible motion-sickness. 

3. Become the founder of your own startup company

And get some market-savvy people involved given your otherwise non-existent insight into the world of business.

4. Invest in some obscure market

Who knows, you might find the next Bitcoin. Have at it, and maybe we’ll finally get Malta’s answer to Elon Musk. 

5. Help finance the next flyover

Kappara, Marsa, who knows what other roadwork makeovers are in the works. Chip in and you might even get a bridge named after you for your troubles. 

6. Fund an animal shelter

Put that soft spot to good use. You know, the one that makes you tear up every time you watch a John Lewis advert. Help the four-legged wanderers waiting for their forever home have a comfortable stay at a well-funded animal shelter. 

7. Help a charity of your choosing

Whether its a research programme, or simply a book-reading initiative; there’s nothing quite like that feel-good factor that comes with giving. 

8. Give your family a well-deserved holiday

They’ve put up with you long enough. And as much as they love you to bits, they sure need a break from it all. 

9. All of the above

Or none at all, or something completely different. We’d love to hear from you, so tell us: how would you spend a million euros!

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