Why A Hamper Is The Perfect Xmas Gift For Literally Every Maltese Person You Know

And how we've made them even better

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Real friends buy hampers. Why? Because nothing says 'Merry Christmas', 'I love you bruh', and 'Sorry for being such a dick this year' like a good hamper full of booze and chocolate. Also, did you know that hampers can also come without panettone? This, and other facts that could blow your mind, below.

1. Everybody in Malta loves booze and chocolate

Seriously, can you ever imagine turning down a good hamper? Or re-gifting it? It just won't happen. A hamper is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, especially if you drop in some good booze and chocolates. 

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2. You can remind them of your gift every time you visit

Unless you're giving a hamper to a complete glutton, this is a gift that could last weeks or even months, which is great for Malta since you're bound to visit your giftee every week. What sort of heartless person won't offer you a grokk of the gift you just gave them?

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3. Hampers come wrapped and delivered so you don't even have to waste time in traffic

Who wants to spend their entire Christmas driving to the shops and trying to find parking? Just get everything delivered while you sneakily send one to yourself. 

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4. They're easy to personalise (even if you don't know your giftee at all)

You work too hard to stay racking your brains to find the perfect gift for someone. Just impress them by knowing their poison of choice: whisky, gin, vodka. 

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5. A hamper is a great gift for couples

Easy to share, without directly targeting one person or the other. Hampers are a great way to make everyone happy (see our first point).

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6. They don't have to include panettone

Aren't we over this by now? Seriously. Let's move on from panettone and focus on what people actually want in their hampers.

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7. They're super easy to buy

But we've made it even easier... 

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Lovin Malta has teamed up with Red October to create three special hampers that your friends and family are guaranteed to love. 

Check them out and sign up with the form below to book your hampers now. 

If you apply for a hamper from the form below, you'll be in for a chance of winning €100 to spend at Red October. For other hampers, visit Red October's full collection here.

1. The Whisky Collection (€50)

Got a sophisticated friend who loves a good single malt? This collection includes GlenGrant's Major Reserve, Glenfiddich luxury mince pies, whisky marmalade, Averna, truffles, Merci chocolates and Kettle chips.

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2. The Gin Collection (€50)

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good dose of Bulldog Gin and a whole range of other treats including Scavi & Ray prosecco, Yellowtail's Cabernet Sauvignon, Walkers shortbread and mince piece, truffles, Kettle chips and some mint balls just for fun.

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3. The Vodka Collection (€50)

Perfect if you're heading to a house party at a friend this Christmas. Moskovskaya vodka (and Atlas Energy Drink to mix), Scavi & Ray prestige spumante, Yellowtail Pinot Grigio, Gianduia chocolates, Merci chocolates, Kettle chips and Tuttle's mint chocolates.

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If you're viewing on mobile, click here instead. 

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And there's more! Buy a hamper and you'll be in the draw to WIN a cool €100 to spend at Red October on your very own mega-hamper.

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