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Malta’s First Car Sharing App Is Giving Away 400 Minutes Of Free Driving Time

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Everyone knows about the absolutely ridiculous traffic problem we’re facing in Malta. At this point, it’s not even an exaggeration; it’s a cold hard fact.

The only way you don’t know is if you don’t live in Malta (in that case, just Google ‘Malta’ and ‘cars’ and your search results will say it all).

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It’s not just traffic that’s an epidemic though. Mix that with pollution, congestion, lack of parking spaces and you’ll face the reality of the roads here in Malta.

We simply need to use fewer cars and that’s that! Thankfully, someone has taken note and tried to offer a solution in the form of car sharing.

GoTo is here with a fleet of 150 electric cars to be shared by everyone!

What is car sharing?

Do not confuse car sharing with carpooling. The difference is that when you carpool, you’re sharing a car with a total stranger (cue the awkward silences).

Car sharing involves a pay-as-you-go type process where you pay one total fee to rent a car for a certain amount of time… even with just 15 minutes’ notice!

How does GoTo’s electric car sharing service work?

GoTo is convenient and reliable AF. First, you need to sign up and enter all your details including a pic of your ID and driver’s license.

Download the app and sign in. There, you’ll be able to see all the cars that are near you. There are 150 cars all around the island in total, so you needn’t worry about unnecessarily travelling to an available car before your journey even starts.

When you arrive to your car, put in your PIN number to unlock it. Then, you can drive the car as if it were your own, with the advantage that you don’t have to worry about costs such as insurance, road licence, Valletta CVA fees and parking.

When you reach your destination, just leave the car in one of the many GoTo spaces. There are currently 450 reserved parking spots all around Malta for your shiny GoTo car, so you don’t need to waste time driving in circles.

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Who is this for?

Pretty much anyone.

For instance, it’s ideal for very short point to point trips, people who don’t stick to only one kind of transportation, for students who want to save money (as it’s much cheaper than owning a car) or perhaps for families who want to use it as a second family car (especially seeing as there are currently more than two cars per family anyway but this way is much cheaper).

It’s also great for longer trips; you can literally go to Ċirkewwa, leave a car there and take another one in Gozo. Talk about useful!

Is it environmentally-friendly?


GoTo uses electric cars. Not only that, but the more people start sharing their cars instead of using their own, the less congestion there is, reducing pollution in the process.


Sounds expensive. Is it pre-paid or pay-as-you-go?

Quite the opposite actually.

Not only does it cost nearly half the price of a taxi (and a great alternative to one), the standard membership fee is a mere €7 per month – top tip, you can have two drivers under the same account so that means it’s €3.50 per driver! – Talk about a bargain. Allowing you access to a GoTo car whenever and wherever you need one.

The rate per minute is €0.28, and this covers all of your insurance, road licence tax, Valletta CVA fees, charging and parking costs.

They even have a Saving Package for people who make 15 or more journeys a month. At €99 per month, you get 400 minutes of driving time (with the membership included in the cost), and any additional travelling would go down to a rate of 25c per minute.

Check their site out for more deets and register today to form part of this revolution!

We are giving away 400 minutes of free driving to a lucky reader!

Because we all know that the only thing that’s better than a great service for a cheap price is a great service for free.

All you have to do to be in with a chance to win this awesome package to really kick you off with GoTo is just comment on this post. Yep, it really is that simple!

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