WIN: This New St Julian's Gastro Bar Takes Mixing Business And Pleasure To A Whole New Level

French-inspired cuisine & creative cocktails in a swanky interior space. Welcome to The Network

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Paceville has just been graced with a new gastro bar that's all about dining and networking. Say hello the aptly-named The Network.

Now we know that it's rude to stare, but when you're surrounded by stare-worthy interiors such as mismatched neon swivel chairs and sleek lighting, then staring is what you shall and will do!

The space is small but has a huge presence - perfect for like-minded professionals to network their ass off. Plus the swanky terrace is suitable for alfresco networking and sipping like a VIP.

They're certainly flying the flag for chic gastro small plates using French techniques (all perfectly-presented on a slate slab). The menu includes French fries (obviously), superb oysters, a carefully selected cheese plate, butternut & foie gras in a glass, seared scallops with saffron jus, marrow bones and steaks of the ribeye and Wagyu kind.

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The creative cocktails are were things take another creative leap. There are plenty to choose from and if you cannot find anything on the menu, worry not because the genius mixologists will make you a personalised cocktail.

Our picks were the Honeymoon (a bourbon cocktail with Cointreau, caramel syrup, corn flakes, dust, lime juice & homemade popcorn foam) or the blue/green concoction named Nikoma - which looks like a sexy witches potion - to really take your cocktail and Instagram games up to a whole new level. It had sweet (not-overly) and earthy overtones which were delicious (thus proving that it was not just a pretty face).

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I'm French, so it was very nice to see that most of the staff were French and sticking true to the theme at hand.

Follow them on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with their events and groovy live music night. The Network is a great retreat to the hustle and (annoying) bustle of Paceville - Bienvenue!

If you like the sound of free dinner for two at The Network, then you're in luck!

There's only thing that's simpler than heading to Paceville right now with your favourite person and indulging on some of The Network's best offerings. And that's tagging your favourite person and being in with a chance to win free dinner for two!

Tag someone you'd take to dinner at The Network with you!

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