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You Can Now Auction Your Property In Malta

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Are you currently trying to sell your house but feel like it’s driving you insane? Do all those papers, visits and agents make you feel like you should just stick to your place and not get rid of it?

Fret not, RE/MAX is here to hold your hand through the whole process. Metaphorically. These guys have come up with a super clever plan to sell your house and rid you of all the headaches that come with the process.

1. Their consultations are easy breezy

When you get in touch with them, RE/MAX will send over one of their experts to evaluate your property.

You will sit down together and discuss your goals to determine whether or not auctioning is the best option for you. If so, one of their associates will be assigned to get your property noticed. They’ve totally got your back.

2. Get your house on the radar

These guys will help you out by designing a custom-made plan just for your needs. They will take high quality photos of your house, plan a kickass advertising schedule and create amazing marketing material and fliers.

They will also go out of their way to carry out a social media campaign with great marketing efforts and even take care of an open house for you, to really draw in the attention!

3. They will start the process immediately

As soon as your property is enrolled, RE/MAX will put it up for auction. They will inspect plans, measurements, documents and permits for your own safety.

They will even access potential buyers directly through their extensive database and run a campaign throughout all online platforms. After that, they will hand-pick qualified buyers to view your property.

All you have to do is wait for the magic to happen.

4. But is this whole auction thing worth it?

Yes, it definitely is! Once your house is enrolled, you instantly gain significant advantage over other sellers. RE/MAX will care for all the stressful ins and outs, like consultations and contracts. These guys are just a peach.

5. What’s in it for you?

Literally everything! Not only will you sell your home in no time, but you will also be avoiding any of the stress that comes with the process. The auctions are held on a regular basis, plus this new concept will put a lot of focus on your house’s assets.

6. You will be properly taken care of

RE/MAX is committing itself to customer value, with a professionally-trained team to cater to your needs perfectly. The bidding will start from a price which is best for you and fair for the buyer. You will also be constantly kept in the loop of what’s happening.

What are you waiting for? Get your property noticed ASAP with this amazing new concept by RE/MAX


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