You Can Now Literally Drive To The Slopes Of Mount Etna Straight From Your Home In Malta

Just popping over to Sicily for the weekend, TTYL

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It's been a tough week and I need a break, so BRB, just going to drive over to Mount Etna for a quick ski break. See you next week.

Yes. I said drive. To Mount Etna.

Virtu Ferries is giving you the chance to take your own car to the Sicilian slopes

Yep, you can now take your family on a skiing holiday in a quick and convenient way.

The slopes over at Etna are great for skiers of all abilities, so whether you've been skiing since you were a tiny tot or are a total noob, this is the trip for you.

It's the perfect getaway for seasoned skiers, family trips, training camps with your friends, or just a really bougie work out.

Family Ski

Virtu Ferries will take you right from Grand Harbour to the Porto of Pozzallo in Sicily. So you could leave your house in the morning and be on the slopes by the afternoon.

How's that for a quick getaway?

mnt etna

Virtu Ferries have got some great offers on prices for different vehicles for this incredible adventure! They even have a massive bargain where two kids get on board for free with two paying adults.

With prices as low as €86 for light vehicles, you could soon be making your mark among the 'skiing families of Malta'.

But with an island as big as Sicily, it's not just about the skiing

Our Italian neighbour is about 80 times bigger than tiny Malta, and that means Sicily has a whole lot to offer, especially with all its rolling hills and gorgeous green valleys.

There are about 150 hiking trails to get involved in, with everything from pilgrim trails and donkey treks to long distance hiking trails to immerse yourself in.

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And let's not forget that beautiful Italian trait... food!

The best way to fuel up after a long trek or a particularly tiresome skiing session is a mouthwatering plate of Sicilian food.

Unlike Italian (which is almost entirely Latin based), Sicilian cuisine also has elements of Greek, Arabic, French, Catalan and Spanish. From delicious arancini to the island's very own pecorino Siciliano, immerse yourself in some of the best food this side of the Mediterranean. Wash it down with some herb-citrus Amaro Averna, and you're definitely sorted!

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Those legendary arancini we were just mentioning. Hungry yet?

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Catania's pasta alla Norma is among Sicily's most historic and iconic.

If you're into agritourism, you're in for a big treat as soon as you land in Sicily. There are several country accommodations available all around the island, with gorgeous farmhouses and quaint B&B farm stays up for rent all around the island.

If you're looking for an excuse to spend some time in la bella Siclia, here's your chance!

Tag your friends and family to make sure they're ready to go skiing!

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