You Could Accidentally Be Throwing Away A Chance At Winning An Audi

Seriously Malta – awesome prizes are just waiting to be claimed

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There's nothing better than downing an ice-cold soft drink after a scorching day under the Maltese sun, right? Wrong. An ice-cold soft drink with the chance of winning an awesome instant prize, even potentially a new car, is definitely better.

Coca-Cola drinkers all around Malta need to clock onto the brand's latest giveaway – the MyCoke Gifts Campaign. It's a new thing where people get free things for doing absolutely nothing. Well, nothing apart from drinking a refreshing, tasty bottle of Coca-Cola.

How it works

Okay – here's exactly how the campaign works, step by step.

  • Buy a bottle of Coca-Cola.
  • Drink and enjoy your Coca-Cola.
  • Keep the bottle cap.
  • Look inside the bottle cap.
  • Find out if you've won an instant gift (there are 18,000 of them to give away - including headphones, music event tickets, speakers and loads more).
  • Pick up your instant prize from an official pick-up point.

That's it.

Wait – didn't someone mention a car?

This is the best part. If your cap reveals a code instead of an instant gift it's time to get excited. That means that you're closer than other people to a chance at winning a brand new Audi A1! 

All you have to do is type in the code here, and you could be the lucky winner/envy of all your fellow Coca-Cola drinking friends.

So don't forget to check those Coca-Cola caps and start redeeming your prizes people.