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Here’s How Maltese Radio-Listeners Could Win Exclusive Full Access To Tomorrowland

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How much would you pay to experience the the legendary main stage of Tomorrowland, right at the heart of the action in Belgium? Well, if you’re lucky, all it could cost you is one combo Subway meal. 

Tomorrowland is the festival that sees hundreds of thousands of party-goers from every walk of life creating magic all around the world.

But there’s a whole new level of epically good news to this already mind-blowing awesomeness. XFM 100.2 are giving their listeners the opportunity to join popular Maltese DJ Tenishia in an exclusive full access experience at the sold-out electronic music festival in Belgium this July. 

The competition will run till the 4th of June 2017, so you’re still in time to take a stab at it. Here’s absolutely everything you need to know about getting involved. 

Step One: Buy an XFM Combo Meal from Subway

Firstly, you’re going to want to head down to Subway and order the XFM Combo Meal – a 15cm Chicken Breast Sub or 15cm Veggie Delight, with 50cl Pepsi bottle, and a cookie – all for €7.00.

Step Two: Pick a password

You’ll then be given a ticket with an Entertainer Cheers App code and will be asked to write a password or secret phrase on it. Since you get one ticket per meal – you can compete more than once. You know what they say – a Subway a day… brings you closer to DJ Tenishia. 

Step Three: Put your ticket in the box

Next, cut the ticket along the perforation, keep half the ticket for yourself, and deposit the other half (the one with the password or secret phrase on it) in the sealed box provided. You can enter as many times as you like, multiplying your chances of getting through to the finals.

Step Four: Tune in to XFM’s Big Breakfast Show

Make sure your radio station is set to Oz and Jay’s Big Breakfast XFM 100.2 every morning following your XFM Combo Meal because from Monday to Friday between 7am and 9am there’ll be a live draw on Oz and Jay’s Big Breakfast Show. One ticket will be drawn – Oz and Jay will call out its serial number and if it’s yours – you’re one step closer to winning. But first… 

Step Five: Call in and give your password 

You’ll need to call XFM Radio within ten minutes after your ticket is called. Once you do you’ll be asked live on air for the password or secret phrase from your competition entry ticket. Once that’s verified, as long as it’s not obscene or insulting, you’ll be eligible to compete in that week’s semi-finals.

Step Six: Call in to the music mash

Every Friday, a semi-final between four participants will take place on XFM radio, live on The Big Breakfast Show. On Fridays the semi-finalists will have to listen out for a ‘cue-to-call’ jingle, which will be played on air at random times. Once it plays, all four participants will need to call XFM radio.  

They will then need to listen to a music-mash containing seven different clips from seven different songs. The person with the most identified songs will get a chance to compete in the final week. If two or more participants end up with the same number of guessed songs on the same semi-final, the participant that called XFM radio first will be declared the winner of that round and will compete in the finals.

Step Six: Grand Final

The finalists qualifying for the Grand Final will be invited to go to the XFM Radio Studios for a blind-Sub-tasting. They’ll need to guess as many ingredients as possible – each competitors’ Subs will be different but will have the same number of ingredients. 

The finalists that go on to compete in the final tie will be given five raw ingredients – again whilst blind folded – which they need to name. If after the five ingredients the players are still on a tie, they’ll keep on going on a sudden death basis.

So, basically – eat Subway, listen to Oz & Jay’s Big Breakfast XFM 100.2, and you could be on the way to partying with the stars of Tomorrowland. #WinWinWin

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