​Reasons The Maltese Make The Best Pet Owners

We've got so much love to give...

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and if there's one thing we're sure of it's that love should be universal not just between humans. Maltese people simply adore their pets, and here's just a few reasons why we make the best pet parents.

1. We're obsessed with social media

Which means most pet-owner's timeline is an endless stream of adorable shots of pets doing... well adorable pet things. Everyone loves seeing their pet being virtually loved, but this year your pet selfie could also win you some amazing prizes from FRANKS!

You've already taken the perfect shot of your furball (or featherball), now you just need to upload it to FRANKS Facebook page with a cute message attached for a chance to win a night for two, pet included, at the Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in Attard, including an hour spa treatment. 


2. We're overly affectionate

As part of our Mediterranean heritage, the Maltese aren't subtle about showing their love, which is basically a pet's idea of heaven. 

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3. We love to treat others to good food

And if that means going the extra mile when preparing food for our furry friends, then so be it. Who needs sleep when there's liver to be cooked and served to an awaiting pup?

But shouldn't all animals get a loving meal every once in a while? All of FRANKS stores will be accepting donations for the Association For Abandoned Animals, and everyone who donates will get to pin a heart up on a paw board. So donate, and make sure an abandoned animal is as loved as your little baby.


4. We talk to them a lot

Or rather, we talk to ourselves a lot. As a nation, we have a tendency to mutter to ourselves a lot - with a pet it's no longer weird! We're just having a (one sided) conversation with our loved ones.

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5. We always have new playmates over 

Neighbours, friends, aunts, uncles, nanniet - Malta's open-door policy means pets always have someone new to play with.

And when they're not meeting new people at home, they're excitedly making friends out and about. If you detour your walk to FRANKS at The Point on Saturday 11th February between 10am-3pm, you'll meet lots of other pet owners there to get a sketch of their furry family for just a small donation to the Association For Abandoned Animals.


6. We constantly touch people when talking to them

Anyone who's visited Malta knows we're not great at keeping our hands to ourselves while mid-conversation. To the person who wants a bubble of personal space it's a nightmare. To a pet who gets endless strokes and cuddles - paradise.


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Chucky Bartolo

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