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WIN: This Is The Most Unique Voucher You Can Give Someone In Malta This Christmas

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Isn’t it so annoying when you buy someone a present, get really excited about giving it to that person and when you do, you can tell that they hate it?

Whether they’re really hard to shop for (like my mother) or you’re just really bad at gift-giving (like Chandler from Friends) isn’t really the point. Just do everyone a favour and let the person buy it themselves.

Fortunately, Hudson have come up with a fail-proof solution in the form of a shiny coin… The Hudson Coin.


I know what you’re thinking ‘It’s just a voucher’. Yes… basically, but what makes it cool is that it comes in the form of a snazzy coin as opposed to its outdated wrinkly paper counterpart (get with the times).

The coins can be used in not one, not two but all the Hudson stores (that’s over 30 shops) and you can choose from a value of €25, €50 or a whooping €100.

The list of stores you can shop from is as long as my arm and includes fashion brands such as, River Island, New Look, Kiabi and Benetton.

Your sporty mates would sprint at the chance to redeem their voucher at Nike, House of Sport or GO Sport. Those for a taste in street fashion can crush over the latest sneakers at Urban Jungle.

What’s more, each coin even comes in its own branded gift box, letting your giftee know that you do know what they love, and have prepared a specialised and unique voucher just for them!

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If the person who you’re buying for prefers to avoid the crowds (relatable) or hates the physical shopping experience, well that’s A-OK, because the coins can be bought online, used online and includes free delivery on all purchases (because who doesn’t like free stuff, amma right?).

Speaking of free stuff…

We’re giving away a coin worth a whopping €100!

Yep, you read that correctly; one of you lucky buggers will be in at the chance of winning a sparkling new coin and all you have to do is tag a friend who’d love one of these coins in the comments section!

Still not clear?

If what I said completely went over your head then take a look at the video below which will run you through it from A-Z.

Tag someone who needs to know these coins to be in with a chance to win yourself!

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