11 Problems Fashion-Forward People In Malta Face

Is there a petite section in this petite section?

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We always want to look our best as often as we possibly can, and with today's emerging stylists, models and reality-tv celebrities tightening their grip on Malta's popular culture scene, being fashion forward has become more of a priority than ever before. 

The struggle to keep up with the newest trends is not only very real – it's beyond our control. Our island's shopping landscape has more than a few limitations, and only a few shining solutions (watch out for hints as we drop them and a very special one in the BONUS point). Here's a list of the most prevalent problems for fashion forward people in Malta. 

1. Short people can forget having nice things

Unless you butcher them with enough tailoring to make a couturier's fingers bleed, OR, find a shop that has an actually decent petites range *cough* New Look *cough*.

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2. And heels won't help either

Seriously, try finding a shoe that can take on Malta's pavements. 

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3. Your best bet is the kids section

Which feels mildly creepy...

4. Okay, fine – the teenage section

Although good luck finding it in any of your favourite clothes stores in Malta... except for New Look, they have a good one. #SavingGrace

5. That's just the girls. Fashion-forward men face a whole other world of problems

Mention a amazing/affordable menswear shops in Malta? New Look, their menswear collection is updated weekly with on-trend affordable fashion pieces... you're welcome. 

6. Same goes for anyone who's not a size six

You'd think they'd have more fabulous plus-size fashion for the islands that invented pastizzi

7. Want to be the most fashionable mum at brunch? Think again

Maternity section, maternity section, where for art thou maternity section? 

8. Beauty products go from 'cheap AF' to 'only if you're okay with bankruptcy'  

Seriously – there's very little middle ground. Unless you're shopping at New Look, in which case – sorted. #ThisIsBecomingATrend

9. Ditto jewellery/accessories

It's either plastic or full on diamonds.

10. Finding jeans that actually fit is a legit nightmare

See point number one. 

11. And all this only covers things you want to buy for yourself

Buying a gift for a fashion forward friend? Insa. Or try New Look.  

BONUS: Another solution to your fashion problems is winning €50 to spend at New Look

Just tag a fashion-forward friend and be in with a chance to win a €50 each. Do it now, those trends won't set themselves.