11 Things Maltese People Wish They Were Doing In Bali Right Now

Would you rather be...


This cold spell has every Maltese person counting the days till summer. Or just wishing they could be somewhere their toes actually feel like they're connected to the rest of their body. Somewhere like – Bali?

Here's a few things we wish we could be doing in Indonesia instead of our nanna's freezing salott

1. Surfing waves instead of trawling through Facebook trying to find how-to-stay-warm hacks

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2. Sleeping nude instead of with 15 totally unsexy layers on

3. Standing under a waterfall instead of a hot shower trying to thaw

4. Trekking in Ubud instead of trekking to find where you parked your car in the rain

5. Starting the day at Pura Luhur Lempuyangan instead of behind the slowest karozzin in life

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6. Enjoying a geological phenomenon that isn't Dwejra 

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7. Going for a jog on Mount Batur instead of crawling to your freezing kitchen to boil a kettle

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8. Chilling at the Monkey Forest instead of pushing through throngs of kids at duttrina until you find your own

9. Swinging by the sea instead of swinging by all your elderly relatives to make sure they're coping with the cold

10. Riding a duck-shaped boat instead of worrying that your car is going to start floating in Valley Road

11. Eating exotic Balinese food for dinner instead of leftover timpana from last Sunday

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Ann Dingli

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