5 Absolutely Bonkers Moments From Malta's Top Event Organisers

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Malta has been one of Europe's clubbing centres for a while now, but a couple of promoters want to make sure we stay at the top of that list for years to come. And with a list of music festivals that keeps getting longer every year, the competition for the coolest parties on the island is a stiff one.

Four years of extravagant parties and exclusive events later, however, Events By Martin are still turning heads. The brainchild of Martin Pettersson and Pierre Lindh, EBM have organized everything from private corporate events to high-end masquerades. Here are five insane highlights from their many parties over the years. 

1. When DJ Ruby rocked a rave on an actual plane

A party on a plane 39,000 feet up in the air on the way to Ibiza already sounds amazing, but when you add DJ Ruby and a remix of a classic 80s track, you know it's going to be one for the books.

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Photo by Pierre Lindh

2. When they had the coolest looking house party in Malta

Malta's beautiful climate makes for some great house parties, especially if you've got an outdoor area to enjoy the fine weather. Trust EBM to somehow still manage to take something as simple as that concept to the next level. 

For their three year anniversary, a beautiful villa in Mellieħa was chosen as the surprise venue for an extravagant party straight out of The Wolf Of Wall Street. 

3. When they went and casually set fire to their event's logo

Champagne Showers has quickly established itself as one of Europe's leading glamorous champagne party concepts, and it's no surprise that EBM treat this as one of their most beloved babies. 

For 2016, they dazzled everyone with an actual fireworks show over the Cafe Del Mar infinity pool... using their own logo! 

Showers will be returning for its fifth year this summer on the 8th of July, so expect some more absolutely bonkers moments to add to this list. 


4. An afterparty... in Vegas?!

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The day after Showers 2014, EBM flew to Las Vegas to continue the party early that morning. 

Champagne Wars (which sounds like the coolest thing ever) went down at Drai's Nightclub, famous for being one of the best clubs in Vegas.

5. When they managed to fit a jet ski and a guy on a jetpack in Cafe Del Mar's pool


A party at Cafe Del Mar is always a great deal of fun, but you know you've just stumbled into some next level stuff when you see a guy on a jetpack suddenly coming out of the water. 

Iron Man would be equally proud and jealous of this legend.


EBM's next big event is Fashion Del Mar, which has quickly solidified itself as the biggest social fashion event of the year in Malta. If the highlights from last year are anything to go by, this one's definitely going to be one for the books.

Fashion Del Mar will be kicking summer off on the 20th of May, and tickets are up for sale here. We would definitely recommend not sitting on these because they're bound to sell out fast!

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