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6 Essentials To Consider When Buying A New Bathroom In Malta

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Congratulations! You’ve bought a new house. Now, you have to figure out how the hell you’re going to furnish your new place. It’s a never ending list of rooms to furnish and items to buy.

Fret not. Lovin Malta’s here to help you get at least one thing off your to-do list; we have listed 6 aspects of bathroom furnishing you need to consider and, if that weren’t enough, where to get them on sale!


1. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

The kind of mirror you want should reflect your personality and intended use. Do you need it to apply your make up? Shave? Try on your #ootn? Maybe a magnifying mirror for closer detail? Or a full-length one to see yourself rocking those shoes? How about two different mirrors altogether?

You may not think of it, but the mirror is often the first thing somebody looks at when they walk into a bathroom (because we’re all vain AF), so it’s a decision that requires some thought.


2. The Throne

Here are some things to keep in mind when picking out a toilet for your fancy new bathroom:

Who is going to use it? Does it need to be child-friendly, and therefore smaller in size, or can you afford to get a bigger one?

Where are you going to place it? Toilet-in-front-of-mirror is never a good choice. Unless you’re that vain.

What about the toilet seat? Do you want a wooden or plastic one? Or maybe one with a design? Cushioned? Automatic?

So many choices. So little time.

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3. Time-honoured Bath or New-Fashioned Shower?

Choice you need to make #1: do you want a bath or a shower? Once you’ve made that decision, you can go on to consider the finer details. Do you want a bathtub with a jacuzzi or a head rest? A shower with clear glass doors or frosted ones?


4. The Frills

Towels, carpets, lights… These may sound like minor details, but what carpet you place on your bathroom floor and towel you hang from the wall will contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room. That is not to say that they have to match, but if you have a white fluffy carpet on the floor and a bright orange towel right next to it, it might look a bit weird. Unless that is what you’re going for. You could make your light a centre piece of the bathroom by choosing a fancy chandelier, or go for a more subtle approach with some sleek wall lights.


5. Tap it

Taps are the bathroom’s cherry on the cake. A finishing detail that will pull all aspects of your bathroom together. They bring your toilet, sink, shower, and bidet if you decided to go for one, together. What material do you want them to made of? Do you want them to be the traditional twisty taps, or some fancy button-activated tap. So many styles to choose from!


6. Money, baby!

It sounds obvious, but you do really need to sit down and think about how much all of this is going to cost. You should give your bathroom as much importance as your kitchen. So as much as you may want to go about cutting costs; make sure you’re not compromising the quality at the same time. Because you’re worth it!

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If this is all sounding a bit overwhelming, do not panic. The people over at Onepercent Bathrooms in Msida are going to be at the ready to help you make all these choices, all while offering you great savings on some beautiful bathroom pieces.

If as if that was not enough they have thousands of items going at up to 60% off in their fantastic sale, full of UK based brands that are exclusive only to Onepercent.

The Onepercent big bathroom brand UK sale (say that five times fast) have discounts on brands like Burlington and Crosswater…and they’re also offering guarantees from 15 years to a lifetime!

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