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6 Reasons This Brand Is The Answer To Malta’s Tech Needs

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Whether you’ve wanted to go all antisocial for a couple of hours or were just looking for the perfect soundtrack to whatever you’re doing, we’ve all had that moment of reaching out to our phones or some music to make it all better.

The situation is as comforting as it is delicate, with your plans getting instantly ruined by low battery or a low volume.

That’s where Anker comes in, a tech company that every Maltese person should definitely have on their radar. Why you need Anker is down to how you use your favourite gadgets, so here are six types of people you’re bound to bump into in Malta. Which one are you?

1. The gym freak

You know the one. They’re either always sharing photos and statuses pre and post workout, or they’re casually sliding in how much they lift into a random conversation. 

“Aw bro, no pain no gain,” is their default answer, even if you’re talking about pastizzi. Actually, especially if you’re talking about pastizzi. 

The SoundBuds Sport

A pair of water-resistant, flexible and secure AF Bluetooth earphones is just what the doctor ordered for these guys. Oversized drivers pump out those gym tunes as loudly as you need them to, and a 33-foot connectivity range means you don’t even have to carry your phone around all the time. Whether you’re running in heavy rain or sweating it out big time, these babies will keep going.

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2. The social media gurus

No matter what’s on or where they are, it’s only going to take you a couple of minutes until you found out. Regularly flexing on Instagram, Facebook and every type of social media out there, these people are out all day and never off their phone. #Malta #Beautiful #OutAndAbout

The only mystery is how they never run out of battery. 

The Astro and PowerCore+

Let’s face it; no matter what phone you own, you could always do with a little bit more juice. Whether it’s a mini power bank which can fully charge an iPhone 6 or a 20,000mAH beast capable of simultaneously charging three devices at full speed, you’ll never be caught without power again.

The high-end Anker PowerCore+ can charge a typical phone seven times before it needs a recharge itself. Go forth and take selfies.

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Powerbank 6

3. The sales peeps 

Whether they like it or not, these people are always in their car. From real estate agents to people on the frontline of their company, these guys are constantly on the move. Never mind the endless list of errands everyone needs to complete after work; driving around is half of their work. 

Another group of people who rely heavily on their phones, they don’t even have the commodity of a wall charger most of the time. 

The PowerDrive+

If there’s one thing you need from a car charger, it’s speed. Malta might be home to a traffic jam (or five), but it’s still not nearly enough time to fully charge your phone. Unless you’ve got one of Anker’s beauties, that is. These babies charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes, and devices like the PowerDrive Speed 2QC do that to two devices… at the same time.

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Anker Car Charger

4. The gadget collector

There’s no such thing as too many gadgets for these people. The techie overlords of the group, they carry as many gadgets as a family going on a holiday, nanna‘s table included (although they’d probably prefer a 007 comparison).

And you know what comes with all those toys? A lot of charging anxiety.

The Multi-Port Chargers and Hubs

Can you imagine trying to charge (or even power) seven devices at once? Think of all the free wall sockets you’d need, all the cables running around, and all that #ChargingAnxiety. Well, you don’t have to think about that anymore. 

Anker’s wall chargers don’t just pack a mean punch with their ultra-fast charging (80% faster than all regular chargers). They can also charge multiple devices at once. They’ve got a two-port USB charger for your everyday couple charging solutions, but they even have a seven port USB hub which will satisfy all your gadget powering needs… and then some. And hey, at just 5 inches long, it’s still smaller than the actual devices you’re charging!

Whether you’re a family going abroad or a gadget freak who’s packing the same amount of gadgets, Anker’s the name you need to remember. 

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5Port 2

5. “Can I borrow your cable? I tore mine”

We all have that one friend who just can’t seem to keep their cables in their original state for longer than a week or two. 

It might be down to their clumsy disposition or just a result of their extremely busy lifestyle, but whatever’s the case, it doesn’t seem like there’s any cable that’s sturdy enough to survive for too long. They might blame it on ridiculous excuses like Malta’s bumpy roads eating into their cables while they drive to and from work, but we all know things would be far better if they just had a sturdier cable.

The Powerline

A flagship in sturdiness, this cable is not just the fastest in the world… it’s also the most durable. While designing and testing this MFI certified cable, Anker bent it more than 10,000 times, with no damage or performance change ever noted. 

Their Lightning USB charger is braided with nylon and fibre along its wire, and it’s advertised as “the last cable you’ll ever need”. 

Don’t believe us? Check out this video of a guy towing an actual car with it.

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6. The music lover 

Sure, everyone loves music, but you know what kind of person we’re talking about here. The “music is my life”, never leaving the house without a solid playlist on their phone kind of person.

Whether it’s pre-drinks in the parking area in front of the actual party or a day at the beach, you can always count on this person to chime in with a “This would be so much better with some tunes”. 

The SoundCore Bluetooth Speakers

Everyone and their mother has looked into owning a Bluetooth speaker lately. They’re the boomboxes of the 21st century, and the technology has seen great strides in the last couple of years. 

If you’re looking for short charging time, long battery life, toughness and clear sound without having to get one and compromise on the other, Anker is again here to save the day.

The Anker SoundCore XL is shock-resistant and dust-tight while offering 15 whole hours of playtime. The SoundCore Sport has an industry-high waterproof rating which means you can literally dip it underwater and it would still deliver amazing sound, and the SoundCore Stereo offers 24 hours of playtime. 

Music lovers, salvation is here.

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