7 Uses For Flip-Flops All Maltese People Need To Know About

They're more than just the most comfiest thing to wear in summer

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Anyone who doesn't think flip-flops are the most amazingly comfortable form of footwear ever created by man is frankly, mad. They are the pyjamas of feet – no one can dispute that.

But we reckon they can be used to make life better in more ways than just providing foot-comfort. Here's a few other ways flip flops contribute to the world.

1. Portable 24/7 fly-swatter

There's nowhere on the planet that requires a constantly available fly-swatter but Malta.

Okay, maybe Gozo.

2. Instant wobbly-table corrector

Seeing as it's a scientific fact that you will be the person seated at the wobbliest table in the entire restaurant every time you go out to eat, flip-flops are a life saver. 

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3. Traffic-jam fan

Some of us don't have (read: can't afford) to have our car A/C blasting on full while we wait in traffic for hours in the summer heat. Flip-flops provide fanning respite in the most maddening of moments. 

4. Powerful parenting tool

Anyone who's ever had their mum/dad slap a flip-flop against their thigh while scolding them will know that that's the sound of utter terror.

5. Fire-starter

With impromptu BBQs happening practically every other day in summer in Malta, flip-flops are always ready to offer themselves as perfect fire-fanning devices. 

6. General beach-shield

Scooping up jellyfish, keeping rizzi at bay, providing a buffer between you and the 1000 degree-sand.

7. Beach pillow

And when all else fails, you can always rely on your flip-flop to rest your tired head on. 

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Ann Dingli

Ann Dingli writes mostly about art and design. She enjoys friendly debates and has accepted that she's a small person.