7 Maltese Celebs Reimagined As Tea Infusions (Yes, Really)

No tea, no shade, no strawberry and mango lemonade...

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We love a local celebrity here in Malta, and anyone who says they don't enjoy a good old tea spill here and there is lying to themselves.

But instead of doing any unnecessary spilling, we've come up with a list of seven local celebs and imagined what type of infusion they would be if they were the tea themselves. Take a sip and enjoy.

1. Ira Losco is Strawberry and Mango

Equal parts sweet and tangy, Ira's got the perfect recipe to becoming Malta's sweetheart. The lush taste of mango and the tasty aroma of the strawberry, plus a hidden hint of orange, results in a beautiful blend full of character; just like Ira.


2. Joseph Calleja is Camomile, Honey and Vanilla

Because he's a fancy opera singer, and he has a voice like honey. But he's not really taking any extreme risks with his centuries-old genre, so it's all quite vanilla. A cup of this tea and Jospeh's beautiful voice are a match made in heaven.


3. Carina Camilleri is Ginger and Lemon

A classic with a bit of a kick. The brightness of the lemon and the power of the ginger are just as uplifting as Carina's bright personality.


4. Ben Camille is Ginger and Lime

Like ginger and lemon... but not. A twist on the OG infusion, Ben's tang matches perfectly with the zap of lime.


5. Valentina Rossi is Cranberry and Raspberry

Not only does this match her new red hair, but a raspberry is also a fart noise and Valentina loves those. Equal parts sweet and sour, and that's why we love her.


6. Mark Laurence Zammit is Rooibos, Ginger and Mint

Because if anyone knows what the heck rooibos is, Mark Laurence does. Spicy, warming ginger meets cooling, creamy spearmint. And the symmetry of three names is soothing.


7. Davide Tucci is Orange, Mango and Cinnamon

Something that everyone loves (orange and a hot guy) with something confusing (mango and cinnamon... and where did Davide come from?). With every sip you take, this warm and spicy infusion will take you to a lush green paradise, as beautiful as Davide's lush green eyes.


And that, my friends, is the real tea.

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The celebrities, unfortunately, are not for sale.

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