7 Of The Biggest Viral Moments In Malta This Year

How many of you remember?

Viral Moments Malta

2018 was, without a doubt, a wild ride. But we're nearing the end of it, so best start gearing up for the roller coaster that 2019 is about to be. While we do that, let's look at some of the moments from this year that truly WENT VIRAL.

1. Mount Etna threatens to drown Malta

Well, not really. But back in October, reports were released that showed Mount Etna was risking collapse that would result in a tsunami that could totally engulf Malta. But don't worry, we don't know when this will happen. It could be in 10 years, or 10,000. It's all a matter of waiting. How exciting.

2. Nutella biscuits come and go, and cause all the drama

Harder to catch than a politician's apology, Nutella biscuits arrived in Malta and sold out within a matter of days. From a flurry of memes (hey Sarah Zerafa) to actual online auctions for a packet, the country went mad for these tasty nuggets of goodness.

3. Emma Muscat becomes a superstar

Local singing sweetheart Emma Muscat started gaining some traction last year when she entered Italian TV show Amici. She may have not made it all the way to the finale, but she became a massive superstar here and in Italy once the show was over. Literally anything she did became a viral hit; from fans getting tattoos dedicated to her, to music videos, to reaching the top of all the music charts... we've been hanging on to Emma's every single move for a good part of the year.

4. This dancer teaches us all a lesson on letting loose

A video made the rounds of a young guy busting some killer moves infront of the Mosta dome that definitely put a massive smile on everyone's face. Let's be honest, we've all had that moment, you know; you're walking down the street with your headphones in, a real bop comes on and all you want to do is break out into dance. Well, this guy showed us how to perfectly 'dance like no one is watching' even when you're on a main road at rush hour.

5. Facebook vlogger Nas Daily comes to Malta

And somehow enrages half the country. In true Malta fashion, this harmless blogger found himself caught up in some political drama when rumour started spreading that the government was paying him to paint Malta in a good light. But drama aside, Nas provided us with some pretty sick coverage.

6. A man loses a wedding dress

You definitely know how this one went down. A young man returns to Malta for his wedding, and promptly moves on to losing his fiancee's wedding dress. Not exactly a classic, but one that we all know because of how insanely viral his story went. The Maltese population sprung to their feet to help and the bride and groom got their fairy tale wedding.

Screen Shot 2018 12 03 At 17 36 51

7. Local influencer reaches a crazy milestone

Maltese Instagrammer and model Sarah Zerafa hit 100k followers on Instagram which is a crazy milestone, second only to local meme lord Grandayy who had a crazy ONE MILLION followers. But that doesn't mean that Sarah's follow count is miniscule in anyway. Here's to the next 100k!

Sara Zerafa

Photo by Sara Zerafa

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