7 Reasons Malta Is The Best Working Holiday Destination In Europe

Not just an island of beaches and sunsets

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Whatever your reasons for wanting to work abroad for a short while, you need to put Malta on your radar. And we say this without bias. The hospitality sector here during high season (April to Sept) is booming with a capital B. The unemployment rates are low AF.

A working holiday, if you're not familiar with the concept, gives you the opportunity to stay in a country longer than your usual tourist so you can take on short term jobs to make some dough (and it doesn't really feel like work anyway when you're around parties and events all the damn time).

If you're scratching your heads asking 'Why Malta?', let's break it down to you. Here are seven reasons why this tiny Mediterranean island is actually the best working holiday destination in Europe.

1. Sun, sun and more sun!

It's always sunny in Philadelphia? Nope, it's always sunny in Malta!

Why on Earth would you want to get a holiday job in a country where the sun isn't always shining to the max? I mean, sure there's the typical 'travelling the world to find myself' type of destination, but you know what comes with that? Rainy seasons and torrential monsoons. Do you have time for that? Thought so.

Here, you're pretty much guaranteed sun all day, every day! So make those coins while catching up on your tan, serotonin levels and that good old Vitamin D.

2. Beaches, sunsets and sea views!

Malta boasts some of the most stunning beaches in the world! We have tons of secret beaches that are off the beaten track if you want to avoid the crowds, but if you want to be among it all and socialise, there are tons of beaches for that as well.

And because the island is so small, you are literally never far from a beach, making it easy to #BeachHop

The sea is turquoise, the sunsets are magical, and you're guaranteed to never have a Monday Blues moment as it's really hard to be in a bad mood when you have sea view for days!

3. Good food which you can have on the cheap!

One thing is for sure; you can most certainly eat good food for low prices here in Malta.

Whether it's for your lunch break or dinner, you don't have to be rolling in it to have a food coma inducing meal. Cheap eats are everywhere and the options are varied!

4. It's easy to make friends

It's not a national stereotype for nothing; it really is easy to make friends in Malta, long-lasting or not.

Being a working holiday foreigner, there are plenty of people in the same boat, and most of them are friendly and keen to socialise.

5. Great work-life balance

Apart from us being able to vouch for this, this is actually an official statistic.

According to the InterNations Expat Insider survey, foreign workers have listed Malta as one of the best countries in the world for a good work-life balance. 12,500 participants from 188 countries listed Malta in the top 10.

They can't all be wrong eh!

6. It's very hard to get bored

There's always something to do in Malta. After work, you can go and watch the sunset by a beach, dine by the sea, have a BBQ or picnic on the beach, indulge in water activities, have a drink in one of our many bars and meet like-minded people, go to a market, travel to our sister island Gozo (or Sicily) in less than two hours.

The list is endless and you don't have to break the bank to have some fun. It might be tough to choose, but you won't regret whatever you go for!

7. You are in suuuuuch demand...

Jobs are looking for you as much as you're looking for them

Guys, for real, our rock is the place to be for job hunters. All you have to do is roam round the streets of Sliema or St Julian's during high season (April to End of August) for example, and you'll be see tons of signs on doors looking for staff.

The fact that the unemployment rate is less than 5% says it all really. Facts don't lie!

Ready to start looking for a job?

Now, before you even contemplate booking your flight, let's give you some advice.

This sounds like all fun and games doesn't it? First thing's first, you need to know where to look to find that perfect working holiday role.

This is where M Recruitment comes in

These guys are pros at hooking up foreigner and locals alike with jobs related to the catering industry thanks to their tons of contacts.

Want a job in a bar? They have your back! Want a job in a restaurant? They're here to help! Night or beach club? Give them a call.

M Recruitment, in partnership with their affiliates in Malta, Cyprus and Spain, are also offering qualified students an opportunity to improve their English language skills. This will be done through accredited study programmes designed to help students “brush up” on their English while working towards a new career path.

Watch this space because, before summer hits, they'll be opening a catering and bartending school for industry professionals who want to push their skills to the max!

Tag someone who'd be interested in a working holiday in Malta!

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