7 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have A Staycation In Malta This Winter

Treat yourself and prevent the January Blues!

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So Christmas is over, you probably still have a hangover from the shenanigans of NYE and your wallet, well let's not talk about the state of our wallets.

January is annoying AF; it's like Monday Blues but for a whole month.

There are many ways you can leave your troubles behind during this morbid month, but the crazy good deals Solana Hotel & Spa are offering confirmed that we could all do with a proper winter staycation!

If you're still thinking about it, here's why you need to consider a Maltese winter staycation .

1. The prices are cheaper

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Yep! The prices tend to be cheaper because it is off-peak season, which means you get the same hotel experience for a quarter of the price.


2. We all need to kick off the year with some serious R&R

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Sleep in, get pampered, take a deep breath, and relax in an indoor pool. Because whats a weekend getaway without a dip in a steamy sanctuary.

Another long year has just kicked off, so you need to make sure you're chill AF and ready to conquer!

3. It's the perfect occasion to cosy up

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As much as we love our own bed, snuggling into a super soft fluffy hotel bed is an awesome feeling.

And you don't even have to make the bed in the morning!

Especially when it's cold, rainy and thundering outside you don't have to go very far for a little night cap. “The Prickly Pear”, lobby bar can whip you up a cocktail while you nibble on their interesting tasting menu complete with traditional Maltese touches.

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4. Breakfast in bed

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Chin, chin!

Room Service 1

and munchies...

Knock knock, room service!

Why not have a spot of vino in the am, after all you are on a staycation!

Show us someone who doesn't like breakfast in bed? We'll wait.

5. A home away from home

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If colder weather turns you into a hermit, why not be a hermit in your own holiday home?

All you need to do is hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and enjoy an uninterrupted break!

6. Treat yourself to a spa sesh

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go in a group

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get a couples massage

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or indulge in some 'me time' 

Pampering is important and releases endorphins. And that automatically makes you happier. Nataraya Day Spa & Wellness makes it easy.

So go for the whole shebang of a massage, facial and all the other treatments up on offer.

7. Do it for the gram


OK so yes, it sounds pretty shallow. But think of all the amazing shots you can take during a staycation. The hotel room, the hotel corridors, the spa, the food... that's the perfect boost for your 2019 Insta game.

And you're probably going to see Malta in a new light, so you can really capture its beauty in the winter time. It's true though, there's something about being away from home and the monotony of routine that sparks inspiration in us.

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From date night to family din dins, food, and great food at that - has been taken care of at Solana Hotel & Spa.

Hosting their very own Italian A La Carte Restaurant, Tosca. Tosca boasts Italian classics with a contemporary edge, fit to satisfy all the foodie friends guaranteed.

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During our search for Winter break ideas, Solana popped up and we had to do a double take at their prices.

Their winter packages start from €27.50 for a bed & breakfast deal depending on if you want a standard, superior or deluxe room, and they only go up to just over €35 per person (how is that even possible?).

What kind of break do you want?

Because they pretty much seem to have it all. Choose from a luxury break (from €71pp), a spa break (from €84pp), a romantic break (€95pp), a foodie break (from €106.95) and a break for the familja (from €91pp).

Just because the prices are affordable doesn't mean it's some half-assed hotel. What you can expect are newly refurbished rooms pimped out to the max, delectable dishes (and cocktails) from two of their restaurants and a stunning spa, complete with bespoke treatments.

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If anyone asks us what we got up to in February, you know what we're going to say.

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