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7 Shiny Mementos Maltese People Receive In Their Lifetime

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Remembering that special day can come in all shapes and sizes, but for most Maltese people, it nearly always takes the form of something shiny. Whether it’s gold, silver or diamond, there’s a shiny memento for pretty much every pivotal moment in life.

Looking back at some of the most beautiful moments in our life – and looking ahead at what’s yet to come – here are seven shiny mementos all Maltese people are bound to receive.

1. The Holy Communion necklace

On an island like Malta, Holy Communion is still one of the most important dates of many people’s childhood.

Add to the mix a golden necklace (or set of earrings) given to you by your favourite nanna (or parrinu), perhaps even engraved with a very personal message, and this day quickly becomes one you won’t be forgetting any time soon.

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2. The shiny sweet 16th gift

Not quite an adult, but very nearly there.

Celebrating your 16th birthday was always going to be literally sweet, but that shiny new trinket definitely helps making this one of the best birthday celebrations ever.

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3. That special BFF memento

You’ve given each other countless presents before, from colourful friendship bracelets to candy rings. But now, it’s time to take that gift-giving game to a whole new level.

We all have that one best friend we’ve shared the best and worst moments of young adulthood with, and whether it was your birthday or just a random reminder of your friendship, get ready to remember this moment forever.

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4. The shiny memento of that first love

You might’ve grown apart, but if there’s one thing you’ll keep with you forever beyond the memories, it’s that one memento.

You know the one; that one gift you got on the day you both realised this was something special. And whether or not that person is still in your life, you’ll always have that memento of what it felt like the first time you fell in love with someone.

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5. The graduation gift that celebrated all your hard work

After years of blood (paper cuts), sweat and tears, you’ve finally made it, and that awkward photo in a toga isn’t the only thing you’re going to get to keep as a memento.

You’ll probably end up receiving a couple of presents from a lot of different family members, but that shiny celebratory gift is something you’ll cherish for years to come.

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6. That timeless token of #SelfLove

Why wait for an excuse to own something gorgeous?

You deserve the best, and sometimes, all it takes to remind yourself that is a gift that you’ll get to keep for the rest of the life. And what better way to ensure that, than to get the present for yourself?

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7. The beautiful “I do” souvenir

There are unforgettable memories, then there’s the engagement ring.

The exact moment one of you decides to finally take the plunge and whip out that glorious diamond ring is something that will be forever etched in your memory.

But even though you’ll be hard pressed to forget something this monumental, looking down at your shiny finger definitely helps.

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For all these moments – and many more – GABA is definitely your go-to shop in Malta

Ever since it was set up back in 1972, GABA has been the boutique jewellery shop for the island’s most important moments. Set up as Malta’s very first diamond cutting facility, GABA boasts a carefully-curated collection importing the highest quality gold from top manufacturers in Italy and unique silver jewellery brands from around the world.

Now, however, GABA is back with a revamped and modernised version of the classic trademark name everyone’s come to know and love.

Their long list of services include buying, selling, gold-trading, jewellery valuation and consultation, and their signature GABA Experience personalised query method will help you find exactly what you need. But at the heart of all their products lie the three beautiful elements of GABA; gold, silver and diamond.


Gold is a big part of GABA’s heritage. This precious metal has always been a steady, reliable and long term investment, a valuable purchased for loved ones on special occasions like Holy Communions, graduations and anniversaries, so it always carries significant meaning.

GABA buy, sell and trade gold, and their prices are a reflection of the daily market price of gold. So apart from having your mind at ease about the quality of the gift you’re picking, you can also rest assured that you’ll be getting a fair deal.


GABA’s silver collection is a high-end take on fashion accessories.

Partnering with the best jewellery designers in order to offer their customers a unique selection of jewellery pieces, the result is unmatched anywhere else on the island.

GABA love being different, and they do that by importing original pieces from around the world.


Diamonds have always been at the heart of GABA.

All the diamonds they sell are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and each diamond is issued with a special grading report. They only stock diamonds selected by the Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC), which ensures finest quality and guarantees that the stone is sourced sustainably from legitimate sources.

GABA’s diamonds are a combination of high end 4C’s starting from 0.18 carats up to larger sizes, so an engagement ring can be tailored to different budgets without compromising quality. Their in-house gemologist and experts in the workshop ensure clients make the best possible choice and are confident and happy with their investment.

If you’re planning on going even bigger, GABA also offer diamond upgrades and free servicing for up to a year post purchase.

If you were planning on getting that special engagement ring for the love of your life, then this is the perfect time

GABA will actually be offering a €100 voucher to the first five people who book an engagement ring consultation, so this the perfect moment to take one of the most romantic plunges you’ll ever take in your life.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment for an engagement ring purchase via GABA’s new website, and you could be in with a chance to not only get the perfect memento for you and your life-partner, but also get a great deal in the process!

Tag your significant other to drop the ultimate hint!

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