7 Things Every Maltese Person In Marketing Will Hear Before Christmas

Every. Single. Year.

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Tis the season to panic. Most people will soon start worrying about their Christmas shopping or New Year's Eve plans, but if you work in marketing you've got plenty more to worry about. As your company fights to hit its annual targets, all pressure lands on your shoulders to create the best possible campaign with the tightest budget in history. And before you can get any actual work done, you've got to mentally prepare yourself for these comments. If you want to make life easier for yourself, get in touch with Lovin Malta before the Christmas rush hits. 

1. "Ok, this year we definitely need something viral. Can we do something like of John Lewis?"

Sure, just give me a €7 million budget and at least 12 months to work on it. 

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2. "We don't have a budget at the moment, just think of something really creative. This year we're not sparing a cent."

*false hope alert*

3. "That's an amazing idea but I don't think it's right for the Maltese market. People just won't get it."

Oh yeah, I forgot you think Maltese people are dumb as shit. There's nothing even to get. 

4. "That's too expensive. Something came up and we only have €1,000 for this campaign."

Classsiiiiic. So shall I just run a Facebook ad?

5. "I don't mind doing something on digital, but what about print and TV? How will we reach people like my Nanna?"

Dude, even your Nanna probably spends more time on Facebook than she does watching local TV or reading the newspapers.

6. "Ok fine, let's go with something digital but it can't be super subtle. We need to have our brand out there. Otherwise nobody will know it's us."

Yes, because everyone wants to click on a billboard.

7. "Ok, finally got this approved by the general manager, the board, the international office and everyone else remotely related to the company. We can start."

Perfect. Only three days left to deadline. 

Written By

Chris Peregin