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7 Things You Can Do To Take Better Care Of Your Car in Malta

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Maltese people quite literally live in their cars. As soon as we get our license (and have uploaded the ‘Licensed!’ Facebook post), we all experience that satisfactory sigh of relief and the liberating thought of “OMG, I won’t have to call my parents for lifts anymore.”

But now that you own a car, there’s more that you have to do for it. Like actually take care of it. So Lovin Malta’s come up with just a couple of things that you can do to make taking care of your steel steed.

1. Keep a mental map of the potholes

If you’re able to drive in your car without having to dodge one pothole or twenty, then you’re not living in Malta.

For your most frequently-taken roads, try keep track of where the floor-holes are and save your car some potential damage.

2. Carry around a kamoxxa (chamois) in your car

Malta is going up in dust, and with construction happening everywhere, you’re going to need to take some sort of wipe with you to stop the dust from seeping into the small spaces of your car.

A car is a long-term investment, so if you take the time to wipe it down every now and again, you’ll be able to get enough cash for it to invest in your next big dream.

3. Actually wash your car

Keeping your car clean is like keeping your room clean… except everyone can see your car and when it’s dirty, that’s just embarrassing.

Also, an unclean car will eventually attract dirt and grime that can damage your interior and exterior.

4. Don’t fast-food and drive

Drive-Thrus are a super fun 10pm (or 3am) trip to take with a friend when the two of you have had enough of staying at home, and Netflix and chill just isn’t doing it for you.

But apart from it being dangerous, you just don’t want to be munching on that burger inside your car. The crumbs will fall in all the wrong places and are ridiculously difficult to get out. While you think you’ll take out the trash the next day, there’s a 99.99% chance that you actually won’t. A clean car is a happy car, and burger wrappers and nugget crumbs simply do not make a happy car.

5. Check your tyres every month

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to a ton of problems, including poor breaking, instability, less gas mileage, and of course, a flat tyre.

Also, rotate your tyres often to make sure they wear evenly, making sure you get the most out of them before replacing them.

6. Do your VRT check-up when you should

Most of us know that this is something that happens at some point during the year, but are never sure really.

Check out when the date of your next VRT check-up is and mark it in your calendar. It’s not just the law; it’s literally your car’s equivalent of a medical check-up.

7. Make sure your tank is never empty

And use a brand of fuel that is good for your car. As technological innovations advance, cars are becoming more of a sophisticated piece of equipment.

Fuelling your car with Enemed’s High Performance Diesel will improve your car engine’s performance while reducing the amount of fuel that your car actually needs.


ePower Diesel is a high performance diesel that’s suitable for all diesel vehicles. It contains renewable diesel and multifunction additives that make engines run quieter and smoother. This means that your car’s revolutions per minute (RPM) are increased and achieved quicker, allowing the engine to perform better.

The diesel enhances engine reliability and increases in engine power. And not only does it improve your car’s performance, but it’s relatively more environmentally friendly than the other fuel options out there.

Yep, that means ePower Diesel is great for you… but it’s also great for the environment

Enemed Pitstop Station

Because of its efficiency and cleanliness, the use of this diesel leads to significant reduction of pollutant emissions, like black smokes at startup, unburned hydrocarbons and damaging particles.

This is because ePower Diesel fuel burns more readily into the combustion chamber (a thing that’s in your engine) which leaves less carbon residue behind. This means that it leads to better efficiency, more power, longer diesel particulate filter life (that filter that stores exhaust soot) and less contamination.

So while you’re busy trying to keep your car looking mighty fine on the outside, perhaps filling her up with some ePower Diesel can reduce the amount of the TLC chores that you’ve got to tick off the list yourself.

Tag a friend who needs to seriously start taking care of their car!

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