Calling All Students: Here Are 7 Top Ways To Save Money In Malta

Without compromising on all the fun

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Living in Malta is kind of like one big party – sun, sand, spritz, music, friends - basically all the ingredients of an epically good life. But maintaining that lifestyle can sometimes leave your bank account on its knees. Unless of course you decide to abandon it and open a new one with Banif. Turns out you'll get some free Manhattan 2600 2.0 USB speakers and around €50 worth of freebies if you do. No – there's no catch.

Aside from shifting your pennies, here's a few other ways we reckon you can help save them without giving up the things you love.

1. Seriously – take the bus

You'll save tonnes on petrol, avoid punctures, and you won't spend your life yelling obscenities at other drivers. Hey, there's even a bus you can take while you party... we would not kid you on this. 

2. Be frugal with your food

Don't spend €10+ every day at whatever eatery your friends frequent. Bring back packed lunches. If anyone shoots a side-eye your way just remember that you'll be the one laughing all the way to the bank. #JokesOnYou

3. Get a new wardrobe... on the cheap

If you think you need a new outfit, it's fairly possible that all of your friends feel the exact same way about their own wardrobe. Organise a clothes-swap. There is no level it doesn't make sense on. 

4. Budget on books

Sell your old textbooks on Facebook – they're just gathering dust anyway. If you need to buy new ones, buy them second hand. And p.s. you know that book you bought from the overpriced bookstore last week? Yeah, it exists in the public library too. #Borrow

5. Skimp on stationery

Yes, we know that cute stationery is like the best thing ever, but realistically it's something you can really save money on. Hit up any low cost shop and top up your stock – you could always upcycle!

6. Buy into the stereotype

If you've already moved out of home, take advantage of that age-old myth that Maltese mums still do laundry for their grown up kids. Believe us – as long as she gets to see you more than usual she's not going to care about the extra load.

7. Sell your stuff

Anything from old DVDs, books, clothes, furniture, even tupperware will sell nowadays on Facebook. Just drop a photo, description and price into one of the local selling pages and you're golden. If you can't be bothered with selling individual pieces, grab a few friends and have a car boot sale. #ĊaĊing

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Ann Dingli

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