Dine On The House: It Pays To Be The Party Planner At This St Julian's Hotspot This Festive Season

Pizza and free parking is all you need this festive season

Biancos Malta St Julians Christmas Menu

Christmas season is here, and with that comes party season... that is, an excuse to eat way too much and get a bit tipsy around your colleagues, friends and family. But while many would shy away from organising said festive frolics, one popular Maltese restaurant has just made it more beneficial to do so.

Bianco's are offering Christmas party organisers free food when they book for a minimum of 15 people all month long!

That's right; up to the end of 2018, anyone booking their Christmas event at the St. Julian's hotspot will eat for free. How's that for some motivation?

And while we all love traditional Christmas food to get in the festive spirit, we also know one thing; pizza is life, all year round.

With all their different packages and offerings, Bianco's are only getting started with their 'Organisers eat for free' deal

For starters, for bookings of at least 10 people, you get two hours of free parking in one of the island's most central locations.

Oh, and let's not forget the actual star of the show; that food!

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Bianco's menu is after all what has managed to turn the place into a veritable hotspot in such an iconic and oversaturated location when it comes to eateries, and the plates really do speak for themselves.

Their Christmas set menus has everything people have come to expect of the restaurant... along with some festive additions that are sure to turn any party all the way up.

Think open bar options and finger food including anything from fruit dipped in Belgian dark chocolate to honey-drizzled mqaret, and you're in for one Christmas party that's sure to go down in the office's hall of fame. If you're still not convinced, have a look at their set menu packages. It's just been revamped, and a fancy new interface isn't the only thing that's been added; expect more foodgasms. In fact, don't blame us if you end up salivating all over your keyboard. You've been warned.


So if you were planning on giving Christmas party organisation duties a miss this year... maybe 2018 isn't the year you should be holding back!

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