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Malta Might Be Going Through Hell, But The First Step To Healing Is Working On Yourself. Here’s How You Can Do That.

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No matter what your political beliefs are, I think it’s very safe to say that Malta is currently going through a hell of a chaotic time right now.

Everywhere you look, people are enraged, anxious, arguing and constantly refreshing their newsfeeds for the latest shocking revelation. The productivity and focus of our nation has been steadily plummeting over the past couple of weeks… and many are already saying that our mental health is next.

Financially and emotionally, Malta is in for its most turbulent year right with the start of a new decade. So it’s really important that we empower ourselves not to crash.

While it’s important that we protest and assertively show that we won’t tolerate what’s happening, it’s absolutely not an option for us to hand over our mental and physical wellness to the situation.

Many people are struggling and will continue to struggle.

It’s easy to feel helpless and become depressed because the situation isn’t how it should be. It’s also easy to become so enraged by it all, to the point that we end up becoming a loose cannon ourselves; shouting at others in traffic, judging others on whether or not they’ve participated in protests, throwing accusations at people for how they’re responding. Basically, what’s happening is that everyone is in survival mode; fight or flight. 

Whenever a human being goes into survival mode, every cell in our body and every thought we think is concerned only with survival.

In our brains, what’s happening is that all the blood rushes to the emotional part of the brain and this completely shuts down the part of our brain that makes us most human – the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for forward, big-picture thinking and it’s what makes us capable of true compassion.

When the prefrontal cortex shuts off, we become self-absorbed, self-righteous and unable to think clearly.

If we remain in this state, we’re going to do even more damage to ourselves and the people around us.

Our selfishness will mean that we’ll be completely wrapped up in our own suffering. We won’t be able to come up creative solutions for our work and we won’t have the energy to be there for our loved ones. On a social level, our brains will be so hyper-vigilant, that everyone will become a potential threat. And when everyone’s a threat, fuck compassion. We put even heavier armour on. 

To be able to help our country heal, we need to heal ourselves first.

We can’t hold ourselves back from being happy while we wait for the situation to change.

We can’t get so wrapped up in anger that we forget all the good that’s in our lives and how blessed we are in so many ways.

We need to choose to find meaning and goodness even in this state, even with the betrayal and anger, and we need to empower ourselves to bring goodness to our lives.

The most successful people (and I mean real success, not apparent financial success that comes from scheming others) are people who choose their mental state no matter what.

The walls could crumble around them and they’d still choose to be in an unshakeable state of resourcefulness. To be resourceful means to be solution-focussed; it is to have absolute certainty that no matter what happens, you trust yourself to find a solution.

Our country doesn’t need some superhero to fly in and save us.

What we need is for each and every single one of us to be in a state of absolute resourcefulness – to find meaning within the suffering, so that we can each create solutions, do good and bring value to ourselves and our country.

2020 is predicted to be harsh financially as most of the Western world loses faith in our morality and refuses to engage in doing business with us. We need to empower ourselves to rise above whatever challenges we face, to continue to build trusting relationships with each other and overseas, to continue to grow our businesses and our finances, and to have rewarding relationships with our loved ones, as well as good health and happiness next year.

We don’t have control over what’s going to happen. But when we shout and scream for the situation to change, we completely disempower ourselves.

Although protesting is important, it isn’t enough. Our government isn’t caring about us in the way most of us would like them to, and at the moment, they’re still very much in control. So, until this shifts, it’s completely irresponsible of us to leave our wellbeing in their hands. We need to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of each other.

Let’s commit to ourselves that, no matter what, we will have a 2020 that is emotionally, relationally and financially fulfilling and rewarding.

Let’s commit to taking control back and owning responsibility for our own lives so that we can really benefit ourselves, the people around us and ultimately, our country.

At this point, some of you might be pumped, but might also be wondering, “How?”

How do I do this? How do I make it so that I remain completely certain and resourceful no matter what happens?

Well, here are two things you can do.

1. Begin with this short exercise.

This will help you to get clear on the challenges you personally want to overcome this year and how you want your life to be. It is through acknowledging what’s not working that we can empower ourselves to do something about it and thrive.

So start now: begin reflecting on the year you want to create now with this short exercise. As you answer the following questions, focus on your life specifically.

  • What are one or two areas of your life you’re least happy with at the moment? (eg. physical or emotional health, relationships, finances, lack of time, lack of fun and adventure, career)
  • If you had a magic wand that could transform your life into exactly how you want it to be, how would you know things were better? What would be different?
  • What’s preventing you from making these changes?
  • What have these obstacles cost you?
  • Why must this change now?
  • What growth are you committed to investing in and achieving in 2020, not just for you but for your loved ones?

2. Attend the New Year Evolution Workshop.

Led by Psychotherapist and Lifestyle Strategist, Emma Hogg, this workshop is designed to get you crystal clear on the 2020 you want to create for youself and your loved ones.

You’ll get into a state of absolute certainty that you can create this life no matter what, and you’ll learn how to train this state to be your norm. You’ll leave the workshop with your strategy to bring your vision for 2020 into reality, and with so much energy and momentum that nothing can stop you.

Emma is deeply driven by the desire to live in a world where each one of us owns responsibility for our own lives and happiness.

She won’t tolerate excuses that you can’t have the life you want because of the situation you’re in. Emma will kick you into action and she’ll make sure that you leave this workshop so deeply connected with your sense of purpose and your need to fill this world with goodness, that you’ll feel like rocket-fuel.

Get your tickets now and commit to being a force for good in this world, so we can each turn this country around, person by person.

Tickets are selling super fast, and there’s only two available dates for 2020; Saturday 18th January and Sunday 19th.

“Whether you envision a future that is full of love, family, an exciting career, more physical and emotional health, as well as financial wealth, the future your heart craves isn’t only achievable, it’s maintainable and it’s closer to you than you think,” Emma promises. “Empower yourself to live a life that is truly fulfilling to you because when we’re fulfilled, we overflow with joy, and it’s from a joyful space that we’re able to positively contribute to the lives of others. I can’t wait to see you there!”

Get to know Emma better by following her on Instagram.

Word to the wise; only wear flat shoes and comfortable clothes (sports bras are recommended). Get ready to move and get your whole life back on track!

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