Everything You Need To Know About Advertising With Lovin Malta

Don't miss out on the most coveted audience on the island

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Lovin Malta is the island's fastest-growing website, offering its readers a balance of daily news, humour, travel tips and entertainment. Since we started in April 2016, we've added a fresh new voice to Maltese culture, influencing both national debates and living-room discussions around the island. 

But to do all this, we depend on the support of our advertisers and sponsors. Thankfully, we offer an inexpensive and effective solution to brands that makes Lovin Malta the platform of choice. 

Here're how it works and why you should join the party before your competitors do.

1. We have a large and highly engaged audience 

We've had more than 396,000 returning users since April. We produce a fraction of the content created by the traditional news channels but we have higher engagement. 

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2. We're growing fast

In the past 30 days alone, Lovin Malta has generated more than 945,000 page views and engaged with more than 265,000 users. It's getting better every month. 

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3. We don't just offer display banners

Lovin Malta also offers native advertising. This means we work with brands to create useful and entertaining sponsored content for our readers. It's a subtle and sophisticated form of marketing but it's an excellent way of building awareness and loyalty with the right people. Scroll to the bottom of our articles to see who has sponsored a piece of content. 

A sponsored article costs €1,000 and includes a €100 Facebook boost which guarantees a reach of approximately 50,000 people. 

4. But we also offer display banners

Sponsored content is great, but if you have an advertising campaign you're really proud of, you should make sure it's being seen by the right people. You can use Google Adwords to feature on our site but that's becoming more limited by the day because the space is being taken up by brands who want all the space to themselves. 

Unlike many of other websites, our display advertising is also prominent inside our articles, even when viewed on mobile, which is the vast majority of the way content is viewed today.

5. And we guarantee impressions

Most websites charge you per week or per month without guaranteeing the number of impressions your adverts will get. We do things differently, in line with our international franchise policies. So if we say your ad will be seen 100,000 times, that's an absolute guarantee. If we don't generate enough pageviews that week, your ad will simply be carried over to the next. 

These are our display prices, applicable until the end of the year:

100,000 impressions: €250  
250,000 impressions: €500
500,000 impressions: €800
1,000,000 impressions: €1,500

These are the sizes we accept: 970x250, 300x250 and 300x600. 

We can also embed videos (less than 20MB), preferably under 30 seconds for €1,000 per 75,000 impressions.

6. Our audience wants to buy stuff

These are the things our audience is looking to buy in the next 12 months, according to a recent survey: holidays (62%), phones (40%), computers (32%) and cars (22%). They're also looking to change their gym membership (38%), their internet service (22.5%) and their bank (15%).


So what are you waiting for? Send an email to [email protected] and let's plan 2017 together.

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Written By

Chris Peregin