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So, What’s The Feminine Of Gendus Anyway, And Why Is It Suddenly Trending Online?

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Inside jokes are the best… if you’re in on them and know what’s happening, that is. The best part of this particular inside joke, though, is that the whole country seems to be in on it.

Vodafone Malta’s latest ad has truly taken over all of the islands, showing up everywhere from YouTube to X Factor. And along with the viral ad, a very pressing question has emerged and plagued the nation: just what is the feminine of gendus?

If you’ve found yourself debating this with family or friends, you can rest assured you’re definitely not alone.

In fact, the term gendus has seen a meteoric rise in Google searches in the last couple of weeks, with everyone and their nanna trying to get to the bottom of this.


Soon enough, the memes started appearing… and people went in.

Just like the best conspiracy theories, everyone started seeing possible answers everywhere.

But I mean everywhere.

Seriously though, is THIS the feminine of gendus?

It’s enough to trigger Malta’s very own pop queen…

If even Ira is stumped, we have no hope.

Or was the answer staring at us all this time?

Yeah, what if the feminine of gendus was… Baba?

In fact, the Baba bit that comes right after the gendus question has not been without its own memes.

Or tributes. Or parodies. Or… you know, whatever the hell this is.

Because maybe, just maybe, Pingu is the feminine of gendus. I don’t know man; at this rate, maybe I’M the feminine of gendus.

The people just need to know, and they’ll stop at nothing.

As is clearly evidenced by Bis-Serjeta’, obviously the most serious news agency this side of the Mediterranean.

For the record, I for one strongly believe the right answer is baqra.

Gendus is Maltese for bull. Male bull, female cow. Simple enough. Right?

Well, you’d think so, but it’s actually a little bit more complicated than that.

The thing is, barri also has barrija as a feminine, and gendus also happens to be the Maltese word for ox, which muddies the waters a bit (to say the least). But I’m sticking to my guns… because how many oxen do you casually see walking around in Malta?!

Also, to make things just that little bit more complicated, the Maltese ox breed (a critically endangered indigenous breed of which no pure breeds are left) is actually known as the Baqra Maltija. Eesh, confusion is me.

We’ve reached out to Vodafone to try and solve this national mystery, but they’re keeping us all on the edge of our seats for now. Which is completely understandable; they’re probably just sitting there channeling RuPaul before a hot Lip Sync battle.

Beyond the notorious gendus ad, though, lies an awesome family pack that’ll help you stay connected with your loved ones.

As Vodafone perfectly puts it, “the people who matter the most deserve the strongest connection”. That’s exactly why Vodafone has rolled out an insane offer to make sure Malta’s families get to enjoy massive savings just in time for the festive season.

The RED Family mobile plan will make sure you stay connected with your family without any limits, increasing the savings if you add more family members.

For example, a family of four can get unlimited data, unlimited minutes and SMS, 100 minutes and SMSes from Malta to Australia, Canada, Turkey and the US… and 19GB of roaming in the EU. And all of that for just €24.99 monthly per line.

Yes, really.

So the next time you’re wondering what the feminine of gendus is and want to check with your whole family – and literally everyone else – you best make sure you’re on Vodafone’s RED Family pack.

In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here, sticking to my guns that the correct answer is baqra.

What do you think the feminine of gendus is? Let us know in the comments and tag your favourite family member!

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