Flamethrowers And Apes On Horseback: Here's What Went Down Last Week In Paceville

How's that for a fabulous launch?

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One of Paceville's busiest roads was transformed into something straight out of the hit Planet of the Apes franchise last Thursday night, and passers-by were treated to a perfect dystopian setting (apes on horseback and flamethrowers included). Lovin Malta was there to check out the madness, and it sure was worth it.

As the night developed, the reason behind the whole do quickly unfurled. Behind it all was NetEnt, a digital entertainment company who design the games you see on some of the most popular online gaming sites. Their latest slot game is themed around Planet of the Apes, and this is how they decided to release it to the world. Talk about fancy releases!

The night kicked off with men in prosthetic monkey suits mingling with guests outside Eden Cinemas, which sounds as terrifying as it was actually awesome. The apes took the time to pose for photos, and while that was happening, two literal flamethrowers provided the perfect post-apocalyptic backdrop. If it sounds absolutely radical, that's because it was. 

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As soon as we walked into Eden Cinemas, we soon realised that the dystopian decorations were only getting started. 

A special screening of the film was scheduled for later, but not before we could all take in the world that NetEnt had created for their guests. All around the stairs leading up to the theatre and in the foyer in front of it, references to the franchise's latest reboot abounded, and the attention to detail was insane. 

Destroyed Stop signs with fake bullet holes, lush hanging ivies and quarantine signs dotted the green-lit interior, and it really felt like stepping in to a real-life post-apocalyptic San Francisco... er, Paceville. 

NetEnt even had themed popcorn packets and fake film posters prepared, further adding to the whole experience.

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Of course, NetEnt's new video slot game was the reason everyone came, and it quickly took centre stage in the foyer. 

A screen was set up in front of the theatre where the mingling people could try out the game themselves, and very soon, people from different gaming companies were trying their hand (and their luck) at the Apes-themed slot.

At one point, a loud cheer (followed by an even louder groan) was heard when someone beat a previous player's top score by a whole 10,000 points. Looking confident AF, the new high scorer posed for a photo with a one-eyed ape that was overlooking the whole thing. And that is something we thought we'd never be writing about.

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Later, everyone was ushered into the cinema, where the special screening of the movie was awaiting the guests. 

When the film was over, we thought the event was too, but NetEnt had one more surprise in store for us. 

From a balcony overlooking the theatre foyer, Caesar the Ape himself showed up, announcing the slots winner for the night. Finally, and only after every single drink was downed and every piece of delicious finger food was consumed, that was a wrap!

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