Get A Taste Of Delicious Maltese Honey And Pumpkin At This Mosta Festival

Festa Qargħasel really has something for everyone


Food, music, drinks and culture are hands down the top best things in the universe, and one local festival wants to take all of that and put into one night.

Festa Qargħasel is just the thing for you; being held this Saturday in the heart of Mosta, the festival will be giving attendees a taste of some proper Mosta products.

Here's why you definitely need to head to Mosta this weekend.

1. It's an informative event

Learn about pumpkins, honey, history and culture... all in one place! The main focus point will be how everything ties back to Mosta, and there will also be informative talks on food and agriculture.

Bringing in that good old #foodporn, the Mediterranean Culinary Academy will be showing you how to cook the perfect risotto with pumpkin and honey. The Malta Beekeepers Association, on the other hand, will be teaching visitors about bees and the benefits of including honey in your diet.

An ode to Mosta's past will also be part of the celebrations, in the form of projections showcasing some of Mosta's oldest photos.

2. The food promises to be absolutely amazing...

Manouche are dropping by, with a selection of pecan and honey pies, pumpkin and cinnamon pies, and pumpkin eclairs. Choc Au Lait, one of Mosta’s favourite patisseries, will also be present, serving their mouth-watering pumpkin pies.

Qargħasel could also satisfy your savoury craving. Reputedly one of Mosta's ultimate pizza parlours, Billy Grech's Il Vecchio Forno Wine Bar will be serving an all-new selection of pizzas, featuring toppings like pumpkins, honey (or both). The pizzas themselves will be pitted against each other and are up for the title of Il-Pizza Mostija.

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3. ... as do the drinks

A professional mixologist will be serving some really cool cocktails at the event, and who knows, you might learn a thing or two! Infusing drinks with honey and pumpkin, mixologist James Aquilina's stand will definitely be worth a quick stop.

If you’re more of a coffee fan, fear not; Coffee Circus will be there doing what they do best. And not to worry, they've not forgotten it's PSL season: pumpkin-spices lattes will also be available!

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4. And of course, there will also be live entertainment

Local heavyweights Airport Impressions will be performing live at Festa Qargħasel’s main stage at 21:00 in Pjazza Rotunda, but the night will also be featuring other popular names like Eileen Montesin herself.

Charles ‘is-City’, Malta’s very own jazz daddy and founder of the Malta Jazz Festival, will be performing at the event too. He'll be showing off his talents at Is-City Bar in Mosta, where you can chill out with an ice-cold beer and enjoy the show.

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5. It’s an event not to be(e) missed

See what we did there? A beekeeping stand curated by Jorge Spiteri's will introduce you to the magical world of bees. You can learn all about the different tastes and varieties of bee produce including apilarnil, royal jelly, propolis and honey. And for all of you wondering, his products are 100% organic! Veteran beekeeper George Sammut will also on site to offer some of his infused produce, including eucalyptus and carob honey and wild thyme infused honey.

The beekeeper stands, promise to host a selection of 100% natural honeys and meads, and other honey-based alcoholic beverages, all available for attendees to try out!

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6. Record-breaking pumpkins? Check!

There will be a nationwide pumpkin competition taking place for the first time in Mosta during Qarghasel, where a bunch of Mosta's finest orange beasts will be measured. One of these big beauties even hopes to set a national record on the night!

7. Did we mention the pancake hut?

Molly’s Cafe will also have their own Pancake Hut! They will be serving their delicious American-style pancakes, along with pumpkin-spice pancakes with honey served especially on the day.

Tag your favourite culture vulture to attend this event with you!


Written By

Chiara Micallef