Here's Everything You Need To Know To Stay Safe During Malta's Massive International Fireworks Festival

The do's and don'ts to enjoying the spectacular pyrotechnics safely

Fireoworks Festival

One of the biggest and most spectacular events in the Maltese calendar is back, and we've got a rundown on how to enjoy it securely and safely.

The 18th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival will be happening over four dates in four different localities in April and May. Organised by the Tourism Ministry and the Malta Tourism Authority, some key information has been released ahead of one of the biggest and coolest events happening this year to help you make the most of the unique festival.

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Know where you will be going

And plan your transportation ahead of time

All events will be kicking off at 8pm, so make sure you consider travel times as well as finding parking and walking to the event. If you are using public transport, check the schedule before heading out.

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And follow the signs

They are there to help you and minimise confusion

The festival sites will feature signs directing foot traffic, so make sure to look around for signs put up to make everyone's life easier.

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Have a plan

And make sure you see what you want to see

Are you excited for the Top of the Pops competition? Or maybe the Airport Impressions performance? Figure out what you definitely want to see, and plan around it.

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Come prepared

Make sure you are comfortable the entire time

You might need to walk to attend the event, and the weather could go either way, so always make sure you are dressed comfy for the evening.

Also, if you are the kind of person who gets hungry or thirsty often, it might not be a bad idea to have a snack in your pocket, but do not fret as food stalls will be present so that audiences can pick up a mid-show munch.

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The festival will be manned by a host of modern equipment and personnel to ensure your safety

Both the Civil Protection Department and the Red Cross will be in attendance, ready to assist at any time.

Multiple manned vehicles will be placed both inside and outside the event areas, as well as having an official nearby the actual takeoff are of the fireworks. Personnel equipped with fire-fighting training and First Aid will be on site, and inner and outer cordons in some events will keep the correct distance for everyone's safety.

Aside from the ambulances, fully equipped hydro ambulances, and fire-fighting vehicles, there will also be multiple CO2 canisters and fire blankets if the need arises for them.

If you're thinking of making your way there by bus, Malta Public Transport have got you covered. Plan out your night here.

Here's a list of the exhibitors for the evenings!

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To keep up to date with all the upcoming festivities follow Visit Malta Event's Facebook & Instagram pages.

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