Here's What Maltese People Said They Would Save From A House Fire

And there's a lot fewer mentions of iPhones than you'd think.

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Earlier this month we asked you what you would save if your house was on fire - some results were predictable, others a little less so. 

Here's a rundown of everything we were told:

1. Their Pets

Our furry friends probably rank highest on the list of things we'd like to save from a burning home - and with pets as adorable as these, who can blame them? In the wise words of one comment: "My dogs for sure. People can take care of themselves." 

Also probably wise to grab some food for them cause as another commenter eloquently put it: "otherwise the fuzzy f*ckers will run back inside for it."

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We're hoping Mila's owners would run back in for that pillow too #Goals

2. Their Underwear

As one comment rightly pointed out, the burning building is scandalising enough - no one needs a bunch of naked people screaming through the streets.

Naked Fire

3. Their Books

Everyone's got a favourite read, and part of that experience is the physical book itself. Plus if you grab a couple, you're doing your bit to reduce the amount of fuel readily available to the flames.

Books Fire

4. Their Passport

Kull deni ħudu b'ġid right? One person decided that the "FREEDOM!" (sic) from a stable home is the perfect excuse for a vacation.

Oh Well

5. Their Makeup

Many people will rush to criticise this one, but a) some foundations are probably worth more than the house itself and b) if the fireman is cute you gotta rock some smokey eyes with your smokey home!


6. Their Memories

From boxes under their beds, to charms left by friends no longer with us, everyone wants a little piece of their past life preserved.


7. Their Purse

Because the hassle of reapplying for all cards would take a lot longer than building a new house from the ground up.


Bonus: This exchange just deserved immortalisation

The Best Exchange

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