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Here’s Where You Can Grab Some Of The Coolest Interior Design Pieces In Malta

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The way you style your house says so much about your own personality. From beautiful furniture pieces to finishing touches, anyone who walks into a room gets a snapshot into who you are as a person. 

If you’re looking to add an extra special touch, then Manor House in Balzan is like a candy store for adults: each wall is filled with goodies you just want to take home as soon as you see them.

From beautiful household items to the funkiest designs, this is the place to be if you want to snaz up your place. Here are just some of Lovin Malta’s favourite things from Manor House, eye candy included.

1. Get the coolest statement pieces around

It’s one thing if people come over and enjoy hanging out in the space. It’s another thing if they come over and refuse to leave cos they don’t have a sailing boat in their living room. 

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Manor House Imgs

2. Nothing finishes a room like a good wood design

There’s a reason wood is timeless – it’ll always look awesome and makes a room stand out. Get your hands on some decent wood pieces and never be sad again.


3. Pick up all the patterns you’ll ever need

With classic to exotic influences from all over world, Manor House has some exquisite designs that will elevate your home to a next level kingdom-for-one. Just check out this carpet, which looks good enough to hang on a wall. 

Vallila Ss16 Emerald Rug Photographer Henna Soronen

4. And give into the flower power

Floral creations are popular because they are so beautiful – pretty simple. They can be used to complement your favourite colour scheme, but if you design smart, they can also be used to hide that massive wine stain from last Thursday. 

Img 2641 1

5. Add the most luscious fabrics to your collection

Wrap yourself in a fluffy fabric and tell us you don’t feel like you’re living a Hollywood fantasy. Beyond alluring, these fabrics will remind you why its totally OK to sit inside your beautiful abode and just be one with the textures. 

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6. And change it up, big time

More than anything, Manor House has the stuff you need to make your home feel as awesome as you do. Whatever idea you have, or style you want to try out – even if it’s just for a month or until you need a new style – make the right choice and treat yourself.

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Which of these items from Manor House were your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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