Malta's Most Impressive Fireworks Festival Is Back And It's Bigger Than Ever

It'll take place over four different dates, and here's everything you need to know

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If there's one thing the Maltese do well, it's creating brilliant fireworks displays.

And nowhere can this be seen better than in the Malta International Fireworks Festival, happening over four different dates in April and May.

Organised by the Tourism Ministry and the Malta Tourism Authority, the globally renowned festival has set a high standard of pyrotechnics over the years. Beloved for its originality and sheer awesomeness, Malta will be celebrating its 18th edition this year - and here's everything you need to know about it.

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This year's spectacular festival will happen over four days in four locations

24th April, Mqabba

Triq il-Konvoj ta' Santa Marija, 8pm

The opening of the festival is one unmissable night.

Nine major exhibitors and rival factories will take part in the opening night, each team intent on putting on the best show - and you can bet they'll be pulling out all the stops to impress you and the gathered crowd.

As part of the show, you can watch the Italian team of Vaccalluzzo Eventi take on Żejtun's Ghaqda tan-Nar 25 ta' Novembru in the first part of the festival's competition, known as 'Top of the Pops'.

Apart from the impressive fireworks themselves, popular Maltese bands The Travellers, Klinsmann and Guggen Band will be rocking the stages throughout the night.

You can purchase tickets for this event by following this link.

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27th April, Gozo

Xhajma Horse Racecourse, 8pm

The only date on the sister island is a must-see for any Gozitans, Maltese and tourists chilling in Gozo this weekend.

If you missed the competition at Mqabba, don't fret - part two of Top of the Pops will see the Philippine's Platinum Fireworks and Estonia's Pyrocom go head to head to prove once and for all who can sync their pyrotechnics with music in the most original and thrilling way.

You'll also be able to enjoy live performances by Airport Impressions and MAE. Head to the Xhajma Horse racecourse to enjoy the view.

You can purchase tickets for this show by following this link.

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30th April, Valletta

Ta' Lies, 8pm

This highly anticipated night in front of the epic backdrop of the Grand Harbour is always a highlight of the festival, raising the bar every single year with original displays and artistic measures.

Two major Maltese exhibitors will be showcasing their skills throughout the show, and you can even catch a performance by Versatile Brass and Friends.

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4th May, Floriana (Ground Fireworks)

Granaries, 8pm

The final night of the Fireworks Festival, 4th May will see Floriana's local council teaming up with MTA for the 13th edition of the Ground Fireworks Festival.


And it's not just Maltese exhibitors - check out some of the international and local companies taking part in the Fireworks Festival

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And do not forget to take part in the Photo Competition and be in the chance to win free photographic access to the massive Isle of MTV as well as Summerdaze

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Fireworks in Malta are a testament to a centuries-old tradition

Indeed, the craft of pyrotechnics in Malta goes back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John.

The Order would celebrate the most important feasts with special pyrotechnic displays, and such firework displays were seen as an expression of rejoicing on special occasions... like the election of a Grand Master or Pope, as well as the birth of a prince.

In tiny Malta, there are around 35 fireworks factories, and double that number of towns and villages where these displays are part of the traditional celebrations of patron saints. The dedication and passion of Maltese firework enthusiasts draws thousands of fans, both locally and internationally.

Now, with hundreds of years of tradition and successes, the Malta International Fireworks Festival is returning to bring a colourful feast to the islands.

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Stay tuned to all MTA's events by following their Facebook and Instagram accounts which they've just launched and are solely dedicated to their events!

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