5 Robots You Can Already Buy In Malta Today

Tis the season... to be lazy


1. The essential drinking buddy

This robot kit will make sure you never have to shuffle over to the drinks cabinet again. The kit is super versatile. It can also be used to hold your camera to take the perfect selfie, or just giving you an extra hand around the house.

Click here to buy the Ultimate 2.0 Robot Kit


2. The robot that's really just an investment in your (kids’) future

Getting kids to love learning can be hard. With the way schools approach education you can't really blame them for hating their studies. But what if you could make it super fun and encourage them to work in a field that's growing by the day?

That's where the mBot Blue comes in!

3. The robot that's perfect for when you stop your car just too far from the car park ticket dispenser

And you have to hang out of your open window desperately trying to grab it. Or when you're at a foreigners house and everything is on the top shelf, just out of your reach.

Click here if you really need a hand.

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Lidl Problems

4. The ultimate DIY-dad's best friend

Are you a pater faċendu? Now you can dazzle your family with home-3D printed clips, brackets, spacers and more. Or simply 3D print the next good-kid treat instead of pumping them up on sugar.

Click here if you're ready to dive into the future.

3D Printer

5. The robot that helps you unleash your inner Caravaggio

... but you struggle to draw a straight line.

Don't let that stop you from creating your next great masterpiece, whether it's the new 'Beheading or St John', or a Maltese-tile-themed adult colouring book! It looks daunting, but it's actually super easy. 

If you're looking to show off your plotting skills, click here!


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