Ready, Set, Grid: Here's Everything You Need To Know About 2019's Edition Of Malta's Favourite Obstacle Course

Including this year's map

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Twice a year Malta's athletes, sports enthusiasts, and all-around brave souls get together to compete in a rigorous and challenging cross-country obstacle course called The Grid.

June's edition spans roughly 14km and featuring approximately 30 to 40 obstacles, this year's version of The Grid is no walk in the park and around 2000 people have signed up!

Not that it ever is a walk in the park, but you get the point.

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The Grid will be taking place on the 1st of June, and applications are now officially closed

If you're one of the over 2000 people gearing up to take part, here's what you can expect for this year's course. Or, if you know someone who will be taking part you can read up and decide where to stop to cheer them on.

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Between the 18th and 29th May you'll able to collect your race packs, that includes your timing chip and a race t-shirt, from Team Sport in Iklin. Collection dates and times are as follows, according to the wave you were assigned upon registration;

Wave 1 only: Saturday 18th May 2019 - 13:30 - 15:00
All other waves: Friday 24th May from 5:30pm - 7pm, Saturday 25th at 9pm - 7pm and Wednesday 29th May from 5:30pm - 7pm

What can you expect on the day?

The participants will set off in 12 waves of 100 to 200 participants each from the Pembroke Park and Ride at 7am, each wave leaving fifteen minutes after the previous one. The first two consist of the elite male, and elite female athletes who will be in the running to win the race. Of the remaining 10 waves, the third wave will include a Star team and a group from the Armed Forces of Malta.

Throughout the race, the AFM will be collecting donations for the Simon Schembri Blue Light Foundation while The Grid will also be collecting donations and selling sunglasses in aid of the Puttinu Cares Run in the Shades initiative.

On the day, make sure to arrive around an hour before your starting time.

There will be an organised warm up around 20 minutes before, and you're going to need it. There will be 40 obstacles set up along the course. You are encouraged to try all obstacles. If you feel you cannot make one of them, Grid volunteers will direct you accordingly.

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Grid boast some of the most challenging events the athletes could face

Rough terrain, mud and killer hills are just a few of the obstacles athletes can expect on their incredibly difficult trek. However, participants must also be prepared to swim, run, climb and take on the mysterious Final Monster at the end of their journey.

For those of you worried about the roads around the event being blocked

The Grid organisers have promised to begin cleaning up the area as soon as the event finishes, however, given the scale of the race distance, it may take a little longer than you can clean your bedroom. Drivers in the Pembroke area are also asked to drive cautiously while the race is actually taking place to ensure the safety of both the participants and the drivers themselves.

If you still have any queries or worries, all of them are answered on this information pack, so make sure you read it well.

In the mean time, we hope you're all training hard

And are ready for one intense obstacle course, but do not fret - this event happens twice a year with a Sprint 6km version in October, tickets launch 1st June so if you haven't signed up to this year's edition get geared up for the next one!

Good luck!

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